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DART announces approval for access-steps
March 9, 2012, Oceanside, Ca. - DART Helicopter Services (DHS) is pleased to announce Transport Canada, FAA, EASA and Brazilian approval of DART Aerospace Ltd.’s (DAS) Crew and Maintenance Heli-Access-Steps for Bell 206A/B, 206L and 407 Series of Aircraft.
The new DART Crew and Maintenance Heli-Access-Steps are lightweight and mount easily to either the forward or aft crosstube.  The Crew Heli-Access-Steps are ideally located to assist crew in accessing the forward cabin.  The Maintenance Heli-Access-Steps create a convenient step for maintenance personnel.  Both steps feature a unique duplex clamping system that self-locks when weight is applied to prevent the step from slipping.  Not only does the dual clamping system make installation a breeze, it also simplifies removal for inspection.
Replacing a pair of standard DART long steps with a set of Crew and Maintenance Heli-Access-Steps can result in up to 14 lbs of weight savings.  The Crew and Maintenance steps are compatible with both mid-height and high landing gear.
Lightweight Crew & Maintenance Heli-Access-Steps:
·         Saves up to 14 lbs
•      Ideal for use with Heli-Utility-Baskets™
•      Ideal for use with mid-height or high landing gear

 “DAS recognized that weight concerns continue to be a major concern for helicopter operators.  To address this concern and better support our customers, we developed the new lightweight Heli-Access-Steps.”  Quote, Bill Beckett, DART VP Canadian Operations.