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Articles by The Canadian Press

Issue / DateArticle
2/10/2015Helicopter training revenues could take hit: CAE
1/28/2015Small UAVs creating big problems for security officials
1/23/2015Man injured in northern helicopter crash
1/19/2015RCMP flights fragmented, efficiency needed: report
1/14/2015RCAF to test rapid rescue response times
1/14/2015Brain drain, staff cuts, blamed for poor DND purchasing
11/26/2014Five survivors of Air Tindi crash thank first responders
7/9/2014Top human-powered helicopter team expanding horizons
7/9/2014UAVs, lasers continue to be dangerous hazards
6/27/2014Newfoundland widow frustrated by safety omission
6/11/2014Feds knew Coast Guard deal would have one bidder
6/2/2014U.S.-Europe upset with TC over weight restrictions
5/12/2014Bell wins $172-million Canadian coast guard contract
5/1/2014Are Canadian heli pilots being denied jobs by foreign workers?
3/20/2014HNZ Group earnings flat in Q4 at $6.5 million
2/12/2014Going for the gold: UAVs at work in Sochi
1/10/2014Controversy continues to swirl around the troubled Cyclones
1/6/2014Feds elect to stick with CH-148 as Sea King replacement
12/19/2013Crane operator saved by helicopter severely burned
12/4/2013Manitoba suspends air ambulance service after patient dies
11/27/2013Beware camera-carrying drones: privacy watchdog
11/19/2013Families of Cougar victims say Ottawa failing to act on safety
11/12/2013Study urges privacy policy for potentially intrusive UAVs
11/4/2013DND knew Cyclones wouldn't measure up
10/7/2013Feds met with rival OEMs over CH-148 replacements
9/10/2013Three die in Canadian Coast guard helicopter crash
9/9/2013Maritime helicopter situation remains up in the air
8/30/2013Wind conditions chief cause of fatal crash: TSB
8/13/2013Bid for class action suit launched over B.C. fuel spill
8/1/2013Heroux Devtek reports net income of $6.3 million
8/1/2013Man detained after pointing laser at Calgary police heli
8/1/2013Manitoba parents sue STARS following medical call
8/1/2013Sea King celebration on tap today in Halifax
7/31/2013Celebrating 50 years of Sea King memories
7/30/2013Wrong turn led to crash: B.C. fuel spill
7/29/2013Environment minister to review fuel disaster
7/29/2013New proposal put forward for CH-148 Cyclones
7/29/2013Helicopter jet fuel spill causes damage
7/26/2013Fire at Kelowna airport likely caused by humans
7/19/2013Pilot accused of shooting up helicopter
7/16/2013Operational issues at Ornge linked to eight patient deaths
7/16/2013Sea King damaged after toppling over on runway
7/15/2013Report to determine if Ornge responsible in deaths
7/12/2013Canadian team wins top Sikorsky award
7/9/2013Body of helicopter pilot recovered from lake
7/3/2013Police dive team join search for missing helicopter
6/27/2013CAE wins $100 million in new contracts
6/18/2013Memorial service to honour fallen Ornge team members
6/11/2013Canadian air force's SAR response under scrutiny
6/11/2013Fort McMurray doctor stresses need for heli pad
6/4/2013Ornge puts Sikorsky S-76 fleet back in service
6/4/2013Pilot injured after Gemini Helicopters' R-44 goes down
6/3/2013Investigators recover downed Ornge S-76 cockpit recorder
5/30/2013Alberta government workers killed in helicopter accident
5/30/2013STARS under review after young boy injured in flight
5/15/2013HNZ Group net profit falls to $6.5 million in Q1
5/13/2013Innu Nation chief's death prompts SAR questions
5/7/2013Critics slam idea of buying Obama's helicopters
5/6/2013U.S. presidential cast offs new SAR options?
4/30/2013Search and rescue system is in distress, says auditor
4/24/2013Former Ornge directors oblivious to Mazza's extra fees
4/16/2013B.C. helicopter crash claims one, four survive
4/12/2013Autopilot issue forces offshore helicopter to return to base
3/21/2013Charges in Ornge case could take up to a year
3/19/2013NDP slams Ornge over staff bonuses
3/12/2013Special service will mark Cougar crash victims
3/7/2013Tories want OPP to investigate Ornge
2/27/2013Opposition criticizes oversight legislation: Ornge
2/26/2013More trouble ahead for Ornge
2/13/2013Restructuring, acquisitions nab CAE's Q3 profit
2/11/2013Harper government needs to make move on Cyclones
2/1/2013Offshore night flights in Newfoundland still a no go
1/25/2013Rescue aircraft to Antarctica forced to turn around
1/24/2013Bad weather hampers rescue mission
1/21/2013Moving air ambulance to EIA will not affect patient care
1/18/2013No expense too small for ex-Ornge boss Mazza
1/11/2013Hunter used harpoon to save helicopter pilot
12/19/2012Missing snowboarder rescued by 442 Squadron
12/13/2012Lower sales mean dip in aerospace profits: CCB
11/28/2012Sea King forced to make emergency landing
11/13/2012HNZ Group sees Q3 profit fall 20 per cent
11/8/2012CAE's Q2 profit dips on slower military, training deals
11/8/2012Boeing, Feds negotiate support deal for CH-147Fs
10/15/2012CAE wins military contracts worth $200 million
10/12/2012Sikorsky's Sea King replacement woes continue
10/10/2012Canadian and U.S. forces hold joint exercise
9/24/2012RCAF participates in another successful SAR rescue
9/10/2012Pilot's name added to RCMP memorial wall
9/6/2012Ornge managers turned a blind eye to procedures: Lebo
9/5/2012Conservatives lambaste McGuinty over Ornge scandal
8/29/2012McGuinty dodging Ornge committee ahead of by-elections?
8/27/2012Former pilot Thomas named new chief of defence
8/16/2012Ontario coroner to review patient deaths: Ornge saga
8/9/2012CAE shows profit dip in first quarter
8/8/2012Canadian Helicopters nets $40-million contract
8/8/2012U.S. senators demand tougher action against P&WC
8/1/2012Two former bureaucrats confused by Ornge mess
8/1/2012Ornge business model was not that unusual: Sapsford
7/31/2012Ex-Ornge CEO Mazza's defence nonsense: Matthews
7/30/2012Matthews to testify again in Ornge inquiry
7/27/2012Legislative committee wants Mazza back on stand: Ornge
7/19/2012Mazza's testimony contradicts health minister's perspective
7/19/2012Mazza says he doesn't know what went wrong: Ornge
7/18/2012Mazza says government was fully informed: Ornge
7/18/2012Mazza denies he used Ornge for personal gain
7/18/2012Mazza tells his side of the story today: Ornge
7/17/2012RCMP incorporating UAVs into mainstream police applications
7/13/2012TSB sends parts of downed helicopter to France for analysis
7/11/2012Canadian Helicopters renews contract with Rio Tinto
7/11/2012Minister MacKay calls Cyclone deal the worst ever
7/6/2012Helicopter goes down while crop spraying in Manitoba
7/6/2012Ousted Ornge CEO Mazza wants to set record straight
7/3/2012Sikorsky misses delivery deadline for CH-148 Cyclones
6/27/2012Bureaucrat accused of developing amnesia over Ornge
6/19/2012Ombudsman suggests Ornge scandal entirely preventable
6/19/2012SAR solution should be Canadian made: report
6/15/2012Opposition calls for funding cutoff: Ornge
6/7/2012Former Ornge lawyer denies role in helicopter purchase
6/6/2012Ornge employee quit in disgust after patient died: investigation
6/5/2012TSB reports Bailey heli crashed into mountain
6/5/2012McGuinty stands by Matthews despite Ornge crush
6/4/2012B.C. Coroner releases names of Bailey crash victims
6/4/2012Investigators work to remove downed A-Star
6/1/2012Health ministry investigating deaths involving Ornge
6/1/2012Hebron gets go ahead, helicopter safety top priority
5/30/2012Mazza set to testify in Ornge fiasco
5/30/2012Opposition leaders question Ornge helicopter purchase
5/29/2012McGuinty denies seeing early warnings over Ornge
5/29/2012Opposition warned Liberals of Ornge irregularities in 2004
5/25/2012Government approach to SAR needs to be re-examined: Dunderdale
5/23/2012Canada's Griffon fleet will get NVIS enhancements
5/23/2012Cormorant should have joined Labrador search: Dunderdale
5/17/2012Liberals sweeping Ornge mess under the rug?
5/16/2012Aerial assets continue assault on Alberta fires
5/16/2012Ex Ornge exec calls out former McGuinty chief of staff
5/16/2012Mazza's salary not excessive: former Ornge exec
5/16/2012Conservatives rip Ornge over another costly delay
5/15/2012Manitoba wildfires get aviation assets moving
5/11/2012Wildfire threat high to extreme in northern Alberta
5/11/2012Canadian sees growth opportunities in Canada, too
5/10/2012Opposition scorns Ornge for organizational woes
5/10/2012Pilot shortage means delays in military services
5/9/2012Former premier Ernie Eves takes shot at Ornge
5/7/2012RCAF to conduct more UAV test flights
4/25/2012McGuinty under fire over Ornge mismanagement
4/19/2012F-35 fiasco should remind Canadians of CH-148 Cyclone
4/19/2012Liberals contend AG's report full of errors
4/18/2012Canadian Helicopters seeks name change to HNZ Group
4/16/2012CAE's military division wins contracts worth $400 million
3/30/2012Federal budget has DND in its crosshairs
3/28/2012Canadian Helicopters shares up on strong 4th quarter
3/28/2012Health minister to face questions about Ornge
3/26/2012Liberals try to turn tables on opposition over Ornge scandal
3/22/2012Tories, NDP hammer Liberals over Ornge report
3/22/2012Warning light grounds off-shore helicopter
3/21/2012Liberals will enact all recommendations on Ornge
3/21/2012Ex-Orgne directors refused to co-operate with probe
3/8/2012Death of Labrador boy unites politicians on SAR
3/5/2012Ornge helicopters unsafe Tory critics say
2/29/2012Opposition reveals Ornge helicopters can't cross border
2/24/2012Ousted Ornge chief listed as creditor in bankruptcy
2/23/2012Rice calls on PM to investigate SAR response
2/22/2012Ornge facing service disruptions in wake of scandal
2/21/2012TSB releases report into Pickle Lake crash
2/21/2012Great Slave Helicopters acquires Northern Air Support
2/17/2012Health minister tightens leash on ORNGE
2/9/2012Family rejects military explanation for failed SAR attempt
2/6/2012Northstar Aerospace wins reprieve on debt default
2/3/2012Tragic death spurs questions about military SAR
2/3/2012Mazza, Renzella formally removed at Ornge
1/26/2012Changes keep on coming at embattled ORNGE
1/12/2012Exchange Income Corp. buys Custom Helicopters
1/6/2012Tories retool search-and-rescue plane plan
12/8/2011MacKay threatens to sue MPs over heli fiasco
12/1/2011SAR team rescues stranded fishermen
11/30/2011Union head calls for more offshore helicopters
11/29/2011Cyclone program experiences further delays
11/28/2011Helicopter crash at Waterloo Airport kills one
11/28/2011Cougar gets out of court settlement with Sikorsky
11/28/2011Alberta youth charged with pointing laser at helicopter
11/28/2011Cougar Flight 491 survivor still seeking answers
11/9/2011Crash survivor, victim's families want answers
11/4/2011Space opportunities abound in China and India
11/4/2011Full military funeral planned for S&R technician
11/3/2011Rescuer in Cougar 491 crash remembers dramatic day
11/3/2011Rescuer in Cougar 491 crash remembers dramatic day
11/3/2011Three die in heli crash near Kapuskasing
11/3/2011Three die in heli crash near Kapuskasing
10/25/2011Charges laid after laser strike on police helicopter
10/21/2011Wheeler recognized for Cougar crash bravery
10/17/2011TSB crash report points to variety of factors
9/21/2011Search continues for missing helicopter
9/16/2011MacKay worried Sikorsky could cut corners
9/16/2011MacKay was warned Sikorsky could cut corners
9/14/2011Critics slam N.S. gov't on offshore safety
9/13/2011Air ambulance in Brandon, Man.'s future?
9/13/2011Discovery Air sees strong second quarter results
8/29/2011Alberta helicopter overshoots landing pad
8/29/2011Deadly crash near Quebec City kills four
8/23/2011Tiny UAV makes big impact
8/23/2011Tiny UAV makes big impact
8/18/2011Newfoundland offshore board asks Feds to act
8/18/2011Nfld. offshore board asks feds to act
8/17/2011Off-shore safety regulator talks continue
8/15/2011Safety regulator needs more power: report
8/15/2011Second offshore safety report to be released today
8/15/2011Canadian planning for Afghanistan reconstruction
8/11/2011CAE's revenue jumps in second quarter
8/11/2011CAE's revenue jumps in second quarter
8/11/2011Canadian military to provide hurricane relief
8/11/2011Canadian military to provide hurricane relief
8/11/2011CAE reduces military revenue growth forecasts
6/7/2011TC considering gearbox design changes
6/6/2011Massive water bomber fights Alberta forest fires
5/5/2011Rockland searches for gold in Heli-Mag survey
5/5/2011Rockland searches for gold in Heli-Mag survey
4/28/2011Crash experts say regs need overhaul
3/24/2011Manitoba secures air ambulance agreement
3/24/2011Manitoba secures air ambulance agreement
3/24/2011Canadian Helicopters diversifies revenue stream
3/24/2011Canadian Helicopters diversifies revenue stream
3/24/2011Learning from the Cougar tragedy
3/24/2011Learning from the Cougar tragedy
3/11/2011Winnipeg police chopper zapped with laser
2/10/2011Report: Helicopters need capacity to run without oil
2/10/2011Report: Helicopters need capacity to run without oil
1/24/2011Feb. to bring decision on fines for late navy choppers
1/19/2011STARS air ambulance won't take off in Saskatchewan until 2012
1/18/2011Report into deadly 2009 chopper crash off Newfoundland to be released next month
1/7/2011Canada well placed on new Arctic search and rescue agreement
12/21/2010Cougar helicopter aborts flight, safely lands on oil rig
11/17/2010Highlights from offshore travel safety report
11/15/2010U.S. military contracts to bring revenue
11/15/2010U.S. military contracts to bring revenue
10/14/2010Manitoba still mulling over buying rescue helicopter
10/14/2010Manitoba still mulling over buying rescue helicopter
9/15/2010Petition to push Edmonton airport referendum denied
9/8/2010Crash probe shuts out survivor, families; lawyers
9/8/2010Crash probe shuts out survivor, families: lawyers
8/30/2010Cougar Helicopters launches lawsuit over fatal crash
8/23/2010No review of Sea Kings after unexpected landings
8/19/2010TSB to investigate fatal Quebec crash
8/3/2010Two pilots confirmed dead in air tanker crash
7/26/2010Ottawa drops standards for navy helicopters
7/26/2010Ottawa drops standards for navy helicopters
6/24/2010Alberta man guilty of laser attack on police helicopter
3/23/2010CAE awarded $250 million training contract
3/23/2010CAE awarded $250 million training contract
3/11/2010Cougar crash renews calls for separate safety agency
3/11/2010Cougar crash renews calls for separate safety agency
3/5/2010Military escapes federal budget axe for now
3/5/2010Military escapes federal budget axe for now
2/19/2010Search underway for missing boat in Bay of Fundy
2/16/2010Offshore oil board restricts flights pending fully equipped rescue chopper
2/11/2010Offshore helicopter safety inquiry granted extension
2/11/2010Offshore helicopter safety inquiry granted extension
2/10/2010Crash victim's could be alive if safety was a priority
2/9/2010Union calls to help workers survive next crash
2/4/2010Olympic military deployment shows changes
2/4/2010Olympic military deployment shows changes
2/2/2010Cougar executive says crash changed him forever
1/25/2010Canadian Forces helicopter to rescue stranded hunter
1/25/2010Military adds medical technicians to air force crews
1/22/2010Air ambulance chopper out of service for six weeks
11/26/2008Ottawa to send attack helicopters to Afghanistan
1/10/2008Delay in replacement helicopters `frustrating,' Hillier says