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200 AMP generator approved for Soloy SD2

February 23, 2011  By Carey Fredericks

Feb. 23, 2011, Olympia, Wa. - Soloy Aviation Solutions announces the approval and availability of a 200 amp generator for installation on the Honeywell LTS101-700D-2 engine used in the Soloy AS350SD2 engine conversion kit for AS350B2 helicopters.

It is approved as an option for the standard 150 amp unit on the existing engine conversion STC (SR01647SE).

The STC optional kit is based on the use of a Skurka Aerospace 200 amp Starter Generator. The approval provides 200 amps without affecting the existing performance at altitudes and outside air temperatures where the operation is already torque limited. It is only necessary to ensure that power checks result in a “plus” power available, i.e. T4 allowable is higher than T4 recorded. The only limiting factor is that at Ng of less than 90%, the maximum draw should be 150 amps or less.

Soloy is utilizing Skurka Aerospace to manufacture the Soloy STC’d starter/generator at Skurka’s Camarillo, California facility.

The catalyst for developing a higher amperage generator is a need to power more electrical equipment onboard today’s helicopters. Dave Stauffer, Soloy’s CEO has heard from specific operators where electrical load requirements are barely being met with the existing 150 amp generator. The incorporation of this modification will increase service life of the generator and reduce early removals of starter generators that are being subjected to high electrical loads on a regular basis. “Today, there is strong demand for onboard electrical power, especially for operators such as law enforcement and EMS. With onboard monitors, displays and much more digital avionics in use Soloy wanted to find our customers a reliable and safe solution to make more electrical power a reality. This 200 amp generator does just that.”



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