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700th AW139 goes to Samsung Techwin Co. Ltd.

September 30, 2014  By Carey Fredericks

aw1183Sept. 30, 2014, Verigate, Italy - AgustaWestland has announced it handed over two AW139 intermediate twin helicopters to Samsung Techwin Co., Ltd. of the Republic of Korea during a ceremony held at AgustaWestland’s Vergiate plant in Italy.

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helicopters will be used to perform corporate transport. The delivery
includes the 700th
AW139 setting a major production milestone coming approximately ten
years after its introduction into service in which time it has set
the new standard in its category and become the bestselling aircraft
in the intermediate twin category.

Techwin, a leading high technology company operating globally in
business sectors such as electronics, security, defence, robotics and
energy, has been operating AW139s since 2009 with orders for four
aircraft placed. The AW139 has achieved great sales success in the
Republic of Korea with the sale of aircraft for a number of
applications including corporate transport, coast guard duties and

Ki Choon Yang, General Manager, Helicopter Service Team Leader of
Samsung Techwin said: “We are delighted to celebrate together with
AgustaWestland this important milestone today. We have been operating
the AW139 for 5 years and we are extremely satisfied of its
performance, safety and reliability. We are very much looking forward
to adding to our fleet these two brand new AW139s.”

delivery of the 700
aircraft marks another major milestone for the AW139 programme. The
AW139 has become the bestselling helicopter in its class for an
impressive variety of commercial and government roles meeting the
most demanding requirements across the globe. Since its certification
in 2003, the AW139 has been constantly enhanced to achieve ever
increasing levels of performance, safety, mission effectiveness and
capability to meet the very latest challenging requirements of
present and future customers.


offshore oil and gas helicopter market represents 37% of all AW139
sales to date with the emergency medical service, law enforcement,
corporate/VIP transport and military markets each representing
between 13 and 18% of total sales.

AW139 has found success around the world with over 200 sales across
Europe, 150 sales in Asia/Australasia, over 130 sales in the Middle
East, over 90 sales in North America and nearly 120 sales to the
global fleet operators. The AW139 has also sold in significant number
in Africa and South America.

only new generation helicopter in its weight class, the AW139 sets
new standards of performance in its class with the largest cabin in
its category, a maximum cruise speed of 165 knots (306 km/h) and a
maximum range in excess of 570 nm (1060 km) with auxiliary fuel. The
aircraft has outstanding one engine inoperative capabilities, even in
the hot and high operating conditions. The advanced integrated
cockpit with state-of-the-art technology minimises pilot workload
allowing the crew to concentrate on mission objectives.

are now in service performing many roles including VIP/corporate
transport, EMS/SAR, offshore transport, law enforcement and military
200 customers from approximately 70 countries have ordered nearly 800
AW139 helicopters
far. Earlier this year the AW139 fleet passed the one million flying
hour milestone.

AW139 is part of the AgustaWestland family of new generation
helicopters that includes the AW169 and AW189 models, which possess
the same high performance flight characteristics and safety features
as well as sharing a common cockpit layout, design philosophy and
maintenance/training concept. This commonality allows more effective
operations for customers operating helicopter fleets across the 4 to
8.5 tonne categories. The AW189 and AW169 are perfectly suited to
meet a range of requirements in Korea.


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