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Aero Asahi to introduce Japan’s first Agusta branded VIP/Corporate helicopter

May 30, 2024  By Helicopters Staff

Aero Asahi Corporation, one of Japan’s largest general aviation service providers, will introduce an AW169 light intermediate twin engine helicopter with a dedicated Agusta configuration into service. Aero Asahi is the first Japanese operator to use an exclusive VIP Leonardo helicopter in Japan under the relevant Agusta brand.

Aero Asahi’s AW169 is expected to be delivered in spring 2025 and will feature a range of dedicated equipment comprising advanced soundproofing solutions, dedicated seating for up to eight passengers, Smart Cabin Management System with air conditioning control, and an entertainment system. The contract also includes the Agusta For You service and maintenance package.

More than 320 AW169s are on order today, states Leonardo, with around 170 units delivered from the Vergiate final assembly line (Italy) to operators in over 30 countries. The global fleet has logged in excess of 170,000 flight hours. Around 160 helicopters of various types, including the AW169, are in service in Japan.



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