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Aeryon Labs UAV helps police get up close view of Pan Am Games

July 27, 2015  By Canadian Manufacturing

Pan Am venues in York Region have at least one spectator that’s not there to watch the games.

Before the athletes, coaches and droves of sports fans converge on events, York Regional Police are sweeping the areas with their Aeryon Labs SkyRanger. The unmanned aerial vehicle, or drone, which spans slightly more than 3-feet in diameter when in the air, is flying over sites to make sure they’re clear, and checking rooftops for any suspicious articles that could put people at risk.

Pan Am patrol is just one of the uses York police have found for their drone so far though, and according to David Proulx, vice-president of marketing at Aeryon Labs, customers finding novel ways to put their UAVs to work is nothing new. | READ MORE


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