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AFS certifies high performance engine inlet filter for Eurocopter EC130

May 12, 2008  By Corrie

May 12, 2008,  St. Louis, MO – Aerospace Filtration Systems, Inc. (AFS) has received an STC from the FAA for an Inlet Barrier Filter  system for the Eurocopter EC130. Canadian and European approvals are in process.

May 12, 2008,  St. Louis, MO – Aerospace Filtration Systems, Inc. (AFS) has received a Supplemental Type Certificate (STC) from the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) for an Inlet Barrier Filter (IBF) system for the Eurocopter EC130.  With this new IBF solution from AFS, EC130 operators can now enjoy reduced operating cost with the best engineered inlet protection available.  Canadian and European approvals are in process for the EC130 IBF, extending the AFS solution for operators outside the continental US.

Officials said assistance from one of the helicopter industry’s most successful operators was vital to obtaining the certification.  “We are very appreciative of the support from Grand Canyon Helicopters and their fine EC130 operation as well as the ongoing support from Papillon Grand Canyon Helicopters’ Las Vegas and South Rim operations,” said AFS President Michael Scimone. “It is a pleasure working with operators who recognize the quality of our work and dedication of our staff.”

 The new AFS system features a sealed intake plenum that replaces the inlet screens, sand filter/particle separator or alternate barrier filter.  Design of the EC130 IBF utilizes the existing cowl with minimum modification, including incorporation of an aft-facing bypass system.  The filter and bypass system are flush with the upper surface of the EC130 cowling, utilizing an internal bypass plenum.  Utilizing deep pleats, AFS was able to keep the filter footprint limited to the upper surface of the EC-130 cowling and still accommodate the bypass.  An emergency bypass capability is an important IBF feature that is lacking in most traditional sand filters and particle separators. 

All electrical components are easily accessed from inside the cowling with minimal effort.  A simple compact cockpit switch, common with existing AFS certified systems, allows indication and activation of the bypass system.  And as with all AFS IBF’s, an integral Filter Maintenance Aid allows for on-condition inspections between established cleaning intervals, eliminating unnecessary service.  AFS IBF-equipped EC130 aircraft can also operate with no inlet driven flight or gross weight restrictions to the basic inlet performance charts, with the option to also operate to the sand filter performance charts when required.


AFS is the industry leader in the design, development and manufacture of high-performance engine IBF systems for commercial and military propulsion systems.  The company manufactures certified IBF solutions for the Eurocopter AS350 B/BA/B1/B2/B3 (AS350D/SD/SD2-Soloy STC), EC130, AgustaWestland A119, AW119Ke, Bell 205A1, 206B, 407, 206L-3/4, 206L-1(C30), MD Helicopters MD 369 (MD 500H/D/E/F Series) and MD 900/902.  IBF systems for the Bell 430 and AgustaWestland AW139 are in development.  AFS is a wholly owned subsidiary of the Donaldson Company, Inc.  Traded on the NYSE under the symbol DCI, Donaldson is a member of the S&P MidCap 400 Index.  Additional company information for AFS and DCI is available at www.afsfilters.com <http://www.afsfilters.com/>  and www.donaldson.com <http://www.donaldson.com/> .


Visit AFS on the Web at:  www.AFSfilters.com <http://www.AFSfilters.com>


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