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AFS debut new firefighting tracking technology

September 23, 2009  By Corrie

Sept. 23, 2009, Calgary – Absolute Fire Solutions (AFS) of Calgary is exhibiting at the Helitech Conference in Duxford, UK from Sept. 22-24.

Sept. 23, 2009, Calgary – Absolute Fire Solutions (AFS) of Calgary is exhibiting at the Helitech Conference in Duxford, UK from Sept. 22-24.  Representing AFS at the conference will be Steve Reeves and Laurie Saindon; who will display the innovative FAST Bucket and line of accessories, and will demonstrate a new data tracking system, or FAST Track, for aerial firefighting. 

AFS first debuted the FAST Bucket to the European market in 2007, and has since developed a line of accessories to further enhance firefighting effectiveness and add versatility for operators using the FAST Bucket system.  These accessories include the internal and external FAST Fill powered fill pump options, FAST Foam automatic injection system, and the unparalleled FAST Cockpit Controller, allowing pilots to instantly vary bucket capacity with no cinching. 

Along with displaying the FAST Bucket, AFS will demonstrate new FAST Track technology at Helitech.  This new tracking technology is the result of a three year development project by AFS, as a means to accurately measure aerial fire suppression effectiveness and cost comparison analysis.  FAST Track enables operators to measure, record and transmit near real time data from in-flight systems such as buckets, belly tanks, and remote hooks.  With FAST Track, flight crews, helicopter managers, and foresters can monitor key information such as drop pattern, water, foam, or retardant delivery, and more.  Once transmitted, users can view this data from web-based software on the ground. 

Steve Matthews, President of AFS, comments, “With challenging wildfires throughout the continent, industry operators can benefit greatly from powerful tools like these for firefighting.  Our company works hard to ensure our products are leading edge and bring value to operators and foresters.  We look forward to launching our new tracking system to the European heli-firefighting market.” 


Absolute Fire Solutions (AFS) of Calgary, Canada, manufactures the FAST bucket, the world’s first fire-fighting bucket integrating cockpit volume control in every size.  In its third year of operation, AFS has clients in 16 countries operating the full range of FAST buckets and accessories, including FASTFill, FASTFoam and now FASTTrack.  The introduction of FASTTrack continues AFS’s aggressive innovation in aerial fire suppression equipment.  For more information about Absolute Fire Solutions, visit us at Helitech in booth 2208, at AFAC in booth 100, or visit www.absolutefire.ca .


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