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AgustaWestland has solution if CH-148 program changes

September 12, 2013  By Carey Fredericks

Sept. 12, 2013, Halifax - AgustaWestland understands the Government of Canada is considering an alternate solution to the CH-148 Cyclone for the Royal Canadian Air Force Maritime Helicopter replacement program.

AgustaWestland confirms it is ready to respond, by offering a fleet of the latest generation of AW101 maritime helicopters which meet or even exceed all elements of the original Statement of Operational Requirements (SOR). It is worth of noting that the AW101 had already been deemed fully compliant through the original arduous competition held by the Canadian government.
Events in Canada in the recent years have clearly demonstrated the AW101 is still the only helicopter which remains compliant and true to all the requirements of the original SOR. The AW101 maritime helicopter is a modern, proven rotorcraft system in service with the British Royal Navy, the Italian Navy and the Japan Maritime Self Defence Force performing the widest scope of naval missions and with an outstanding track record of operational success.
The AW101 would provide the Royal Canadian Air Force with the best aircraft in the world to meet the mission today and for the foreseeable future. Furthermore, the AW101 maritime helicopter would have considerable commonality with the proven AW101 “Cormorant” search and rescue fleet which has provided outstanding service to the Royal Canadian Air Force through more than 58,000 hours and countless missions in the most extreme conditions possible. The added NATO commonality with other nations would make the selection of the AW101 a viable international force extender.
Furthermore, AgustaWestland has a proven track record of meeting Canada’s offset obligations to Canadian Industry during the previous Cormorant program. Thus the company is capable of generating jobs and skills with Canadian industry to take them into the future.


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