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Airbus Helicopters Canada delivers AS350 for multi-mission use

September 17, 2014  By Carey Fredericks

hubi-fly_-_as350Sept. 17, 2014, Fort Erie, Ont. - HUBI-FLY has taken delivery of an AS350 B2 to support a variety of missions including; Power line inspection, utility, training and filmography. The aircraft will be based in Vienna, Austria and will join the Airbus Helicopters fleet of a previously delivered AS350 B2 and AS355 F2.

"We have chosen the AS350 B2 because it is a well-proven aircraft for muti-mission performance, with low operating costs, powerful capabilities and enhanced safety features,” said Mr. Manuel Gruber, Flight Operations Manager, HUBI-FLY. “We have customized the aircraft configuration to meet the specific mission requirements of our customers.”

The aircraft has been customized at the Airbus Helicopters Canada facility with a variety of optional equipment including; Cargo swing, floor windows, radar altimeter and Transponder GTX 330 Mode S.

“We are pleased that HUBI-FLY has decided to expand their fleet once again with Airbus Helicopters,” said Mr. Romain Trapp, President, Airbus Helicopters Canada. “We were delighted to utilize our capabilities to customize the aircraft here at our facility in Fort Erie, Ontario.”

The multipurpose, single-engine AS350 B2, powered by a Turbomeca Arriel 1D1 engine, has an outstanding proven track record. Its flexibility and low acquisition cost have made it a very sought-after helicopter capable of performing a wide range of missions including; passenger transportation, aerial work, training, observation, firefighting and law enforcement, among others. With its spacious and comfortable cabin accommodating one pilot plus up to 6 passengers, the AS350 B2 is especially appreciated for its passenger transportation capabilities for VIP missions, tourist flights and public service tasks. Its wide cabin and panoramic view ensures optimum visibility for both passengers and crew.



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