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Airbus Helicopters creates first flight crew ops manual

December 10, 2014  By Carey Fredericks

ec225_exph-0334-03_copyright__airnbus_helicopters_anthony_pecchiDec. 10, 2014, Marignane, Fra. - Airbus Helicopters is working together with Helicopter Operators to develop a Flight Crew Operating Manual (FCOM) for EC225 aircraft that are utilized for oil and gas missions, marking the first such source document created in the rotorcraft sector, and further reinforcing the company’s safety initiatives in cooperation with operators and industry stakeholders.

This initial source document incorporates aircraft manufacturer guidance for enhanced operational safety during routine situations, as well as increased efficiency; and it will be further developed to include abnormal situations.

Topics covered by the EC225 FCOM include procedures for operating state-of-the-art glass cockpits, a focus on automated systems, and guidance on work-share among pilots – also known as Crew Resource Management (CRM).

“The FCOM is a joint initiative between Airbus Helicopters and some offshore operators to better meet users’ needs, providing an information source that contributes to standardized operations in the offshore sector, with the ultimate goal of increasing safety throughout the industry,” explained Gilles Bruniaux, Airbus Helicopters Vice President of Aviation Safety. “We are proud to be the first in offering such a resource to our customers, some of whom played an integral role in outlining this FCOM for these specific operations.”

Gretchen Haskins, CEO of global offshore helicopter safety trade association HeliOffshore welcomed the new manual: “We applaud these initial steps by Airbus Helicopters on this important safety information and look forward to supporting the further development of the FCOM. Working together, we can help ensure best practice is available and being used to achieve the highest standards of safety for the passengers and crew who fly offshore.”


The initial FCOM issue will be followed by updates to expand the content, and additional manuals are planned for other Airbus Helicopters rotorcraft deployed in oil and gas missions – including the new EC175.

Availability of the EC225’s FCOM is via Airbus Helicopters’ e-TechPub (Customer Portal), and is being offered free of charge through 2015.


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