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Airbus teams with Draken Europe to improve SAR services

March 17, 2021  By Naomi Szeben

Airbus is teaming with Draken Europe to address the UK Maritime Coastguard Agency’s (MCA) requirement for the Second Generation Search and Rescue (UKSAR2G) service.

Airbus and Draken present a UK-based partnership demonstrating an extensive track record in delivering critical Search and Rescue services around the world, an ethos of technological advancement and innovation combined with sound financial resilience.

The combination of the SAR product and support capabilities of Airbus paired with Draken’s operational experience, offer a comprehensive enhancement to the MCA’s current SAR service while ensuring continuity of its life-saving operations.

Together, Airbus and Draken will deliver a total system solution which will deploy advanced helicopter, fixed wing and unmanned aircraft supported by a diverse array of integrated mission-critical technologies enabling the delivery of a timely SAR response whenever and wherever needed.


Draken Europe CEO Paul Armstrong stated in a release that complement of skills of their well-matched companies allow them to offer a compelling SAR2G proposal to the MCA. With Airbus they will deliver a service that offers resilience and value for money but “most importantly a service that will always respond to distress whenever needed.”

Together Airbus and Draken Europe employ more than 12,000 highly skilled aerospace professionals in the UK and sustain well over 110,000 jobs at some 2,500 supplier companies across the country.


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