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AirSuite sees significant Cirro growth

July 5, 2018  By Helicopters Staff

AirSuite of Thunder Bay, Ont., reports subscriptions to its Cirro Flight Management software suite have doubled in the past two quarters. In this time, Cirro software was onboarded onto 280 aircraft, both civil and military.

The company explains it has secured 35 clients, which are both domestic and international. “Companies in Australia, New Zealand and the United States are taking an interest in our full package of flight management operations tools and we’re onboarding some new, dynamic international clients,” said Michael Kleywegt, AirSuite CEO. AirSuite is aiming to double its number of new clients again over the next two quarters.

In February, the company launched its Safety Management System (SMS) at the Helicopter Association International Conference in Las Vegas. SMS is a standalone module, which AirSuite describes as exceeding Transport Canada and FAA safety regulations. Cirro flight management software is based on a per aircraft, per month subscription with no limits on the number of users per aircraft.

In May, Cirro’s 3-tier alerting system American patent was granted. AirSuite holds another patent on its Weight and Balance module. Flight Following, the Scheduler, Flight Duty Times and Dangerous Goods are tools in the Cirro suite that, explains the company, have the highest rate of use.



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