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Appareo unveils Airborne Image Recording System

June 28, 2021  By Naomi Szeben

Appareo announced a new 4K ultra-high-definition Airborne Image Recording System (AIRS), model AIRS-400, equipped for cellular data offload, at the Aircraft Electronics Association convention in Dallas, Texas.

AIRS-400 is a Class C Airborne Image Recorder, and can be paired with a crash-hardened storage module such as the RDM-500 (under development) to meet or exceed crash survivability standards of ED-155. In addition to recording 4K Ultra HD video, AIRS-400 captures pilot intercom system audio, ambient audio, and detailed flight data. With its internal inertial measurement units, AIRS-400 captures WAAS GPS (altitude, latitude, longitude, ground speed, vertical speed), attitude data (pitch, roll, yaw), rates of rotation, and acceleration data (G forces) — all in a unit that weighs 11 ounces. It comes with options for ARINC 429 input, ED-155 audio output, and RS-422 output, making it a versatile and flexible lightweight flight data recorder.

With AIRS-400, flight data is recorded to an internal crash-hardened memory as well as a removable SD memory card. The internal memory records two hours of video and audio, more than 200 hours of IMU flight data, and 100 hours of ARINC 429 data. The removable SD card holds 64 hours of video and audio, and more than 200 hours of IMU flight data, or 100 hours of ARINC 429 data.

While many flight data acquisition systems rely on pilots or crew members to manually transport an SD card to a workstation, AIRS-400 offers cellular data offload capabilities, ensuring the maximum speed of data reception while simplifying system maintenance and reducing costs.


AIRS-400 can be easily installed in any model of aircraft, for any type of operator. Using the onboard inertial and GPS capabilities, AIRS-400 can provide an actionable volume of flight data without needing to interface with avionic systems. For aircraft with ARINC 429 available, the AIRS-400 can acquire flight data directly from the aircraft system. This allows the AIRS-400 to be implemented as a single avionic solution for a mixed fleet.

With its one-day installation and simple setup, AIRS-400 is the easiest way to get started with an FDM program. Whether data is offloaded via SD card or cellular transmission, it can then be monitored, analyzed, and played back using Appareo’s suite of FDM/FOQA software tools, which are the easiest flight data monitoring software tools to use on the market today. Together with Appareo’s flight replay and analysis software, AIRS-400 can be used for debriefing flights, and provides critical troubleshooting insight for maintenance personnel.

AIRS-400 joins the Appareo connectivity ecosystem, which includes some of the industry’s best lightweight flight data recording solutions, including Vision 1000, the flagship recorder by which Appareo pioneered FDM for light fixed-wing aircraft and rotorcraft.

AIRS-400 is pending FAA certification and expected to be shipping in September. A full STC AML will be available — contact Appareo for information about pricing.


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