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Artex introduces spidertracks Flight Tracking System

August 11, 2008  By Corrie

Aug. 11, 2008, Aurora, OR – Artex Aircraft Supplies has  announced that it has signed an agreement with spidertracks ltd to distribute the portable “spidertracks” flight tracking system.

Aug. 11, 2008, Aurora, OR – Artex Aircraft Supplies, part of the Cobham
Avionics and Surveillance Division, announced today that it has signed
an agreement with spidertracks ltd to distribute the portable
“spidertracks” flight tracking system.

The spidertracks unit utilizes GPS location data transmitted through
the Iridium Satellite network to a web interface allowing real-time
flight following / flight tracking on the internet. Demand for such a
simple-to-use system has increased dramatically as AFF has become
mandatory for operators contracting with the US and Canadian Forest

The spidertracks unit allows tracking of location, altitude, speed,
direction and date / time information of any aircraft or mobile asset
anywhere in the world. The coordinates are transmitted via the Iridium
network of 66 satellites to a secure server allowing access to any
designated recipient anywhere in the world via the Internet. For
aircraft operating on behalf of the US or Canadian fire or forestry
services or similar, the data is sent directly to the respective
national operations center and used by operational teams to increase
the efficiency and effectiveness of their ongoing operations.

The unit is portable and can be installed quickly and easily by the
operator without additional installation certification, yet has the
functionality of much more complex, heavier and expensive options.
Because of its portability it can be transferred between aircraft at no
additional cost and no external antennae are required.  Commercial
configurations allow tracking of all units in a fleet with one log-in
on website.


An optional two-way communication keypad enables pilots to control the
frequency of the data transmission, log events or send pre-set
messages, while in flight.

About Artex
Artex Aircraft Supplies, Inc. located in Aurora, OR, is part of Cobham
Avionics & Surveillance, a division of Cobham plc, a publicly
traded billion dollar international aerospace, flight operations,
precision engineering and avionics company based in the UK.  Artex
designs and manufactures a wide array of Emergency Locator Transmitters
(ELTs) for General, Business, Commercial and Military aviation
applications as well as battery packs and ELT accessories.
For more information, including details on new products visit http://www.artex.aero or call 1-800-547-8901


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