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ASU obtains NVIS Transport Canada STC on AS350

November 15, 2017  By Aviation Specialties Unlimited

Aviation Specialties Unlimited, (ASU) has received notice from Transport Canada (TC) that they have received a supplemental type certificate (STC) on the Airbus AS350. ASU modified the AS350 for HNZ Topflight. The modification was ASU’s 208th on this airframe globally.

“HNZ Topflight provides advanced helicopter training that supports their company operations across Canada as well as military, police and commercial customers around the world,” said ASU quality assurance manager James Haney. “Working with Transport Canada, we were able to modify the aircraft, obtain the STC and get the aircraft back in operation as soon as possible. Knowing that HNZ Topflight is training some of the world’s elite pilots to save lives around the world and that we helped them to be able to train them for nighttime operations means a lot to all of us at ASU.”

HNZ Topflight’s aircraft that ASU modified for ANVIS is used for police recurrent training programs and military Night Vision Goggles, (NVGs) mountain course training. HNZ Topflight is an advanced helicopter flight training school specializing in mountain flight training, recurrent emergency, initial and advanced helicopter courses. HNZ Topflight is considered one of the best helicopter mountain flying school in the world and has been in operation training military, police, commercial and private operators since 1951. HNZ Topflight is endorsed by Airbus Helicopters and Bell Helicopter manufacturers and has 67 years of accident-free mountain flight training. All training is conducted at their facility in Penticton, B.C.

“HNZ Topflight’s student pilots come from around the world,” said HNZ Topflight general manager Dave Schwartzenberger. “These students are taught safe mountain techniques and procedures focusing on terrain airflow and power management essential for safe flying. HNZ’s recurrent training course for police includes emergencies to touchdown including touchdown autorotations on NVG’s.”

“ASU is pleased to have been selected by HNZ for the NVIS conversion of their AS350,” added ASU president Jim Winkel. “We congratulate HNZ Topflight for the commitment they have made to provide excellent training for aircrew. ASU remains committed to our customers and partners around the globe, as they safely operate aircraft – during the day and at night – in increasingly austere environments.”



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