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Bailey Helicopters puts trust in Latitude’s FDM system

October 17, 2013  By Carey Fredericks

Oct. 17, 2013, Victoria, B.C. - Latitude Technologies had announced that the company's IONode FDM lightweight flight data recorder has successfully completed its field trial with Bailey Helicopters, a prominent northwest regional helicopter operator.

The IONode ION3 model was installed on three different airframe types operated by Bailey earlier this year for evaluation during Bailey's very busy summer flying season. Bailey also trialed Latitude Flight Data Analytics, Latitude's robust web-based flight data analysis, trending, and flight visualization platform, available by subscription to all operators that have deployed the IONode FDM system.
Fully satisfied with the field trial results, Bailey has now begun outfitting its fleet with IONode FDM systems. For each aircraft, the installation will include interfacing the IONode lightweight flight data recorder to the Latitude SkyNode® Satcom transceiver already deployed across the Bailey fleet. This will enable real-time event notifications to ground personnel at Bailey's flight operation bases as part of the IONode FDM system.
Latitude Founder and President, Mark Insley, in commenting on the Bailey trial results, said "Latitude's IONode ION3 and ION4 lightweight flight data recorders and the IONode FDM system has proven once again why IONode is the preferred FDM system for fleet operators wanting a high-quality and comprehensive flight data monitoring, recording, and reporting solution at a cost-affordable price." "We are delighted that Bailey has selected our IONode FDM system for deployment in the Bailey fleet. Bailey has been a longtime customer of Latitude and we very much respect Bailey as a world-class rotor fleet operator. We are privileged to be able to help Bailey maintain their operating standards of excellence."


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