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Bell 429 now more versatile than ever

May 30, 2012  By Carey Fredericks

May 30, 2012, Fort Worth, Tx. - Bell Helicopter has announced that India's Director General of Civil Aviation has joined the growing number of countries who have approved the increased maximum gross weight for the Bell 429 based on Transport Canada's certification. India is the tenth country to approve the 500 lb. increase to 7,500 lbs.

Transport Canada approved operation of the Bell 429 at 7,500 lbs. in January, 2012 after an extensive technical evaluation. Earlier this month Ecuador and Malaysia joined Australia, Brazil, Mexico, New Zealand, the Philippines and Vietnam in recognizing the 429's increased capabilities based on the due diligence performed by Transport Canada.

"We could not be more pleased to have India's endorsement of the Bell 429. We are proud of our rich history in India, with the Bell 47 first coming to India in 1953 to fly Sir Edmund Hillary and Tenzing Norgay throughout the country," said Danny Maldonado, Bell Helicopter's executive vice president of Commercial Sales and Marketing. "India is one of the world's fastest growing economies and a large and diverse geographical area, so the sky is the limit for the versatile Bell 429 in India. Helicopters can help move the economy forward with offshore oil field operations, power line washing and other important missions. And through the development of Helicopter Emergency Medical Services operations, helicopters can save lives in India."

The Bell Helicopter 429 is one of the most advanced light twin IFR (Instrument Flight Rules) helicopters ever developed. It is safe, reliable and powerful, and serves the full spectrum of segments (air medical, law enforcement, oil & gas, utility, corporate, etc). The 429 has set the standard for light twins, delivering exceptional speed, range, and hover performance.

The Bell 429 is certified for Single or Dual Pilot IFR, Cat. A/JAROPS Performance Class 1 at maximum gross weight; has a state of the art fully-integrated glass cockpit; an advanced drive system that delivers power and superb performance; best in class WAAS navigation & IFR capability; and is the first helicopter certified through the MSG-3 process. The increased gross weight now permits operators to equip the Bell 429 with additional options including Helicopter Terrain Awareness Warning System (HTAWS), a radar altimeter, cockpit voice/flight data recorder and strobe lights.



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