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Bell 412 logs over 40 years of flight

January 20, 2021  By Helicopters Staff

The most advanced version of the Bell 412 platform, the Subaru Bell 412EPX, now has an increased maximum internal weight of 12,200 pounds. (Photo: Bell)

To date, Bell has delivered more than 1,100 412 helicopters across the globe, logging over 6.5 million flight hours.

Since the introduction of the Bell 412 in 1981, Bell has developed 11 different variants, the latest being the recently unveiled Subaru Bell 412 EPX. Bell explains the evolution of the 412 is a testament to the incredible flexibility and durability of the aircraft, a utility helicopter with designs originating from the Huey.

Bell explains the 412 platform today carries operators through parapublic, offshore, emergency medical and VIP missions every day, from moving employees to oil rig sites off the coast of Africa, to fighting fires in Australia, to presidential duties in Asia.

The most advanced version of the platform, the Subaru Bell 412EPX, now has an increased maximum internal weight of 12,200 pounds, and an external weight of 13,000 pounds and can carry up to 5,000 pounds of goods with a cargo hook. Having the widest loading door in its class enables quick unloading and loading into a spacious cabin that seats 14 passengers.


As a joint partnership between Bell and Subaru to support the Japan Ground Self Defense Force, the Subaru Bell 412 EPX benefits from a more robust main rotor gearbox that has 11 per cent more horsepower capability. It has been certified to run without oil (run dry) for up to 30 minutes for improved safety along with other evolutionary features.


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