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Bell Textron awards new cockpit display system to Rogerson Kratos

February 4, 2011  By Carey Fredericks

Feb. 4, 2011, Irvine, Ca. - Bell Helicopter on Tuesday awarded to Rogerson Kratos the cockpit display system for the Magellan 412 EP, a new commercial helicopter designed to meet operator’s current requirements, as well as future possible needs for foreign or U.S. military programs.

Rogerson Kratos new cockpit display system is the most advanced available in the helicopter industry today including enhanced situational awareness, while at the same time reducing pilot workload. The system, following on the highly successful Rogerson Kratos cockpit displays for the Bell Model 429, utilizes similar hardware and advanced features focused on the 412EP Magellan mission. This long tradition of product partnership also included Rogerson Kratos supplying the cockpit displays for the Bell Helicopter Models 412, 427, and 430.

The system features four (4) high resolution 8” X 10” displays with advanced graphics capabilities displaying the latest market requirements in unique formats with multiple video inputs and compatible with night vision goggle capabilities.

“Rogerson Kratos is pleased and excited to be working on this program to support Bell Helicopter offerings not only for the offshore oil industry, but also for other potential applications,” said Michael Rogerson, Chairman of Rogerson Kratos. “Our cockpit display system gives operators the latest features on a very cost effective helicopter platform. It also opens the possibility of existing operators to upgrade their present fleets.”



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