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Bell to distribute Helitowcart BearPaws

October 23, 2014  By Carey Fredericks

Oct. 23, 2014, Fort Worth, Tx. - Bell Helicopter has announced it is now a distributor of Helitowcart BearPaw products through its Aeronautical Accessories brand.

The BearPaw product line is approved for a variety of helicopter manufacturers and models, including the Robinson R44 and R66, Airbus AS350, Airbus AS355 and Airbus EC130.  Supplemental Type Certificates (STCs) have been received from Canada and the United States for each of these products.
"When we decided to offer this product line we had a desire to contribute to solving those classic practicality issues – widening functionality, improving affordability and extending long term durability" said Nathalie Barbeau, vice president, commercial affairs at Helitowcart. "This new business relationship with Bell Helicopter, through its Aeronautical Accessories brand allows Helitowcart to extend our market exposure worldwide and for Aeronautical Accessories to continue widening its product line.”
Helitowcart BearPaws are perfect for assisting helicopter landings on snow, ice and loose terrain. They are constructed of UHMW-Polymer and 14ga stainless steel attachment clips and are engineered for long-term durability of the landing contact point.
The BearPaw kit includes iceblades to act as a friction device for safety on clear ice and as a pad protector for helicopters used in training exercises. For additional tail rotor safety, the BearPaws are streamlined to ensure pebbles and debris do not collect on the pads.
“We are pleased to expand Aeronautical Accessories’ bear paw product line by having a new offering for Robinson and Airbus owners,” said Jennifer Lunceford, manager of Sales for Aeronautical Accessories. “We have had requests for this product in recent months and are excited to collaborate with Helitowcart to offer these new BearPaws to our R44, R66, AS350, AS355 and EC130 customers.”


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