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Bell’s Aeronautical Accessories brand bolsters offerings

September 17, 2014  By Carey Fredericks

Sept. 17, 2014, Fort Worth, Tx. -  Bell Helicopter has announced its Aeronautical Accessories brand is now a distributor for several new products from the Helifab product line. The products fit a variety of Bell Helicopter aircraft and improve the versatility and capability of these aircraft.

The cabin area cargo net is designed to secure cargo in an area to the left or right side of the aft cabin transmission pylon when the optional passenger seats or auxiliary fuel tanks are not installed. The cargo net is approved for the Bell 205 series aircraft, Bell 212, Bell 412 and Bell 412EP.

Approved for the Bell 212, Bell 412 and Bell 412EP, the automatic baggage door opener holds the tail boom baggage door open to facilitate loading and unloading of baggage or cargo. Once installed, the door opener acts as a door stop with a pneumatic actuator.

Helifab’s accessory shelf assembly is installed in the upper left avionics bay and provides a stable area for installation of up to 100 pounds of equipment. The shelf can be installed on the Bell 212, Bell 412 and Bell 412EP.

Aeronautical Accessories also offers aft cabin door hinge assemblies for the Sikorsky S-76. The Helifab hinge assemblies replace the manufacture’s original hinges and mounts, permitting the doors to open approximately 120 degrees and improving passenger egress. The door’s emergency jettison release is not affected and functions identically as in the original installation. The door mounts to the replacement hinges using OEM hardware.


“Aeronautical Accessories is committed to providing products that improve the performance and functionality of our customers’ aircraft,” said Jennifer Lunceford, manager, Sales for Aeronautical Accessories. “We worked with Helifab to add these to our catalog because they complement our existing offerings and provide our customers additional options to help them complete their missions.”


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