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Bestfly expanding offshore fleet in Angola with AW139

April 13, 2022  By Helicopters Staff

Bestfly is expanding its fleet of Leonardo helicopters configured for offshore transport missions in Angola. The recent order of Bestfly’s first fully owned Leonardo AW139 intermediate twin engine, is expected to be delivered in the third quarter of 2022.

This aircraft for Bestfly adds to two previously leased AW139s and four AW169 light intermediate twins purchased at the end of 2021, which made Bestfly the first local operator to introduce the AW169 in the African market.

Leonardo explains this latest AW139 contract also potentially paves the way for further sustainable growth of the operator’s rotorcraft fleet in the region. Bestfly’s fleet of helicopters is expected to consist of seven Leonardo aircraft by the end of 2022, and with a total fleet of 30 aircraft.

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Bestfly’s AW139 and AW169 helicopters are intended to conduct onshore and offshore passenger and equipment transport in the energy mining and tourism industries in Angola.

With more than 200 units, the helicopter fleet employed by the African oil-and-gas market is one of the world’s largest and comprised of types from various OEMs.

Over the last eight years, Leonardo states it has been the only manufacturer able to expand its presence in the African offshore market, almost doubling the number of aircraft based on the AW Family range of models – the AW139, AW189 and, more recently, the AW169.

Leonardo continues to note, that with more than 60 per cent of the existing offshore helicopter fleet still made of old design types, its helicopters are well positioned to meet fleet replacement and modernization program in the country.

Since its certification in 2004, the AW139 has logged orders for more than 1,250 units from more than 290 customers in over 80 countries logging in excess of 3 million flight hours to date.


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