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Blackcomb Helicopters adds Powerline Training Facility in Pemberton

April 17, 2024  By Helicopters Staff

Blackcomb Helicopters introduced its Powerline Training Facility as an addition to its Advanced Training Center. The company explains the purpose-built training facility, in Pemberton, BC, reflects its commitment to utility operations, offering a controlled and safe environment where crew can improve their abilities.

“Our goal with the Powerline Training Facility is to enhance safety and proficiency,” said Andrew Bradley, Business Development Manager, Blackcomb Helicopters. “Previously, our teams encountered challenging environments whilst on site. Now, this facility allows them to practice and perfect specific tasks before applying them.”

Located at its base at Pemberton Airport (CYPS), the Powerline Training Facility, according to Blackcomb Helicopters, was built to replicate the intricacies of existing utility systems. The training facility includes: A double circuit, 138KV monopole with five structures; self-supporting lattice tower; single circuit, 230KV H-frame with 4 structures; practice H-frame structure; and two culverts for pole sets.

The training offered at the facility covers a range of exercises for pilots, hoist technicians, and linemen. Participants can engage in exercises including but not limited to: Class D Hoist/winch operations; Class D Fixed Line procedures; pole setting; timber (H-frame) removal and installation; ice removal; reinforcing steel towers; picking conductor; cross-arm changes; installing conductor carts; removal and installation of marker balls; Spacer Damper removal and installation; pulling sock line; and glass changes.



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