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Breeze-Eastern to design hoist controller for USCG H-65s

February 25, 2013  By Carey Fredericks

March 4, 2013, Las Vegas, Nv. - The United States Coast Guard has contracted with Breeze-Eastern Corporation to design a new hydraulic hoist controller for its MH-65 search and rescue helicopters. Breeze-Eastern, the aerospace industry’s only dedicated hoist and winch specialist expects a production contract to follow the $1 million design program.

The new controller will replace a 25-year-old legacy system. Although functionality will not change, reliability and performance improvements will be part of the modernized designs.
“Supporting the U.S. Coast Guard’s lifesaving work is a point of pride for Breeze-Eastern,” said company President and Chief Executive Officer Brad Pedersen. “So modernizing this critical rescue support equipment is an important and exciting opportunity.”


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