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CAE delivers MRH90 SIM to Australian Army

August 29, 2013  By Carey Fredericks

Aug. 29, 2013, Sydney, Aus. - CAE today announced that the Commonwealth of Australia has accepted into service the first MRH90 full-flight and mission simulator (FFMS) located at the Army Aviation Training Centre Oakey in Queensland.

CAE also announced the MRH90 FFMS has been certified by the Australian Defence Force Airworthiness Authority to Level D under the Australian Civil Aviation Safety Authority (CASA) and Joint Aviation Requirements (JAR) standards based on an evaluation conducted by an independent authority. This certification is equivalent to the U.S. Federal Aviation Administration's Level D, the highest qualification for flight simulators.

This is the world's first NH90 helicopter simulator to be formally certified to Level D by a defence force and an independent aviation regulatory agency, and is considered the highest fidelity NH90 simulator in operation today.

Commandant of the Australian Army's Aviation Training Centre, Colonel David Burke, said the MRH90 simulator is the best he has ever flown.

"This simulator allows instructors to present pilots with a wide range of operational training scenarios such as flying in to remote bush landing sites, flying in formation with other aircraft, and being safely exposed to complex emergency situations," Colonel Burke said.


"The majority of basic training will now be conducted in the simulator before pilots get to the real aircraft. The aim of the training is to immerse the pilots in the simulation, so they feel as though they are flying the real aircraft, completing real missions and dealing with real emergencies," he said.

As the prime contractor for the ADF's MRH90 training program, CAE has overall responsibility for providing two MRH90 FFMSs, training facilities, and comprehensive engineering and support services. The second MRH90 FFMS will be delivered to Royal Australian Air Force (RAAF) Base Townsville and is expected to be certified to Level D early next year.

CAE is supported on the ADF's MRH90 training program and the development of the two MRH90 FFMSs and facilities by Thales, Rheinmetall Defence Electronics (RDE), and Eurocopter.

"The Australian Defence Forces fully understand how simulation-based training has proven to be one of the best approaches for improving safety, operational efficiency and mission readiness," said Peter Redman, Managing Director of CAE Australia. "The ADF has always been committed to providing its forces with the highest fidelity training systems possible, and are continuing to do so as part of the MRH90 training program."


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