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CHC issues call for papers for safety summit

August 12, 2010  By Carey Fredericks

August 12, 2010, Vancouver - CHC’s Safety & Quality department would like to invite you to submit an abstract to be presented at the 2011 CHC Safety & Quality Summit to be held in the Westin Bayshore Resort and Marina Vancouver, Canada from the 28th to the 30th of March 2011. The overall theme of this summit will be:vCorporate Responsibility vs. Personal Accountability: Two sides of the same Coin.

The Summit History
In 2005 CHC’s Safety & Quality Summit began with 30 participants, most of whom were CHC Safety & Quality Managers from around the world. The aims of the summit were to share knowledge and best practices in aviation safety and quality. This goal was achieved in 2006 when the attendance escalated to more than 100 people. In 2007 the CHC Summit became renowned in the aviation industry with over 500 guests attending for the last 3 years. The Summit now attracts participants from the aviation community, aircraft operators, regulatory authorities and oil and gas companies. The CHC Safety & Quality Summit offers exceptional value, quality training, and superb networking opportunities with a complete focus on aviation safety.

Each speaker will have a 90 minute session during the 3 day Summit. There is an option to extend sessions to half a day or a whole day. Depending on the subject matter, the size of the audience can be up to 50 participants or more and some sessions may run on more than one day. Some confirmed keynote speakers include: Dr. Tony Kern, the CEO of Convergent Performance which is a firm dedicated to reducing human error in high risk environments. Dr. Kern is an internationally recognized expert in the field of applied human factors and performance improvement. Dr. Scott Shappell will also be presenting at the Summit. Dr. Shappell is a Professor of Industrial Engineering at Clemson University. Before joining the faculty at Clemson, Dr. Shappell was the Human Factors Research Branch Manager at the Civil Aerospace Medical Institute.

Some suggested topics relevant to the 2011 CHC Summit include (this is not an exhaustive list):
* Corporate Culture    * FDM/HUMS
* Fatigue Management    * Organizational Leadership and Organizational Viability
* Crisis Management    * Hazard ID Processes
* Human factors    * Organizational Causes of Accidents
* Risk Assessment    * New FAA Requirements for Safety Management Systems
* Discipline    * Sustaining and Improving Industry Safety Performance
* Safety Management Tools    * Industry Incidents and Improvements to Safety
* CRM    * Lessons from the NTSB – Organizational causes of Accidents
* Practical tools    * Learning from Airlines’ Success
* Human Error Management    * Management System for Reducing Safety Risk and Business Risk

Submissions should include:
* Title of presentation outline
* Presentation outline (Outlines should be no longer then should be no longer then 1 page long.)
* Please state if your presentation provides information on practical tools as well as whether or not your sessions are interactive.
* Bio (In regards to training companies please provide a company profile.)
* Contact details
* Presentations should be related to the current theme of the summit
* Presentations should be written and presented in English
* Marketing presentations will not be accepted


Download CHC Safety & Quality Summit 2011 – Call for Papers Information & Submission Form: 3 pages [PDF 95K]
Call for Papers 2011

The deadline for submissions is Thursday September 30th, 2010

Submissions will be reviewed from the 1st of October 2010 and decisions regarding the speakers will be made by the 1st of November 2010. You may be asked to present audience evaluations at a later date.

Please Note: Presentations and abstracts will not be published at anytime during or after the summit.

Please send any questions and submissions to:
                                                 Irina Sakgaev – Project Manager
                                                 Tel: +1 604 232 7302
                                                 E-mail: Summit@chc.ca


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