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CHI Aviation adding Ramco enterprise software

January 7, 2021  By Helicopters Staff

Ramco Systems reached a deal to implement its Aviation M&E MRO Suite v5.8 with MRO player Construction Helicopters Inc. (CHI Aviation), part of Heligroup Inc., and its four operating and three asset-holding entities in the U.S. The agreement was aided by Ramco’s business partner, ROTA Technology Inc., which manage the implementation.

With this new deal, combined with existing clients, Ramco states it will help to manage the largest numbers of the civilian version of Chinooks (CH-47s) in the U.S.

“We are confident that this software will keep up with our rapid expansion plan and address our business challenges by significantly improving our operational efficiency,” said Christopher Turner, President, CHI Aviation.

CHI Aviation and its operating companies provide services such as firefighting, heavy lifting, helicopter emergency medical services (EMS), search and rescue, Department of Defense (DoD), utility work, HVAC, construction, military, defense, ski lift and long-line. Ramco notes its Aviation Suite will provide processes to enhance CHI Aviation’s handling of complex operations for commercial and defense, as well as manufacturing and MRO operations.


Ramco will implement its complete Aviation software including modules for maintenance, supply chain management, safety and quality, flight operations, MRO sales, manufacturing, and finance. The technology will also provide CHI Aviation with unified dashboards, mobility and offline capability for real-time updates across multiple locations. The software, explains Ramco, will also facilitate the use of electronic signatures with dual authentication to achieve paperless operations.


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