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Classic Air Medical to add five 407GXi aircraft

November 11, 2021  By Helicopters Staff

Classic Air Medical’s new Bell 407 helicopters will join a mixed fleet of rotorcraft and fixed-wing aircraft to serve Southwestern U.S. (Photo: Bell Textron)

Bell Textron Inc. on November 9 announced it has reached a purchase agreement for five Bell 407GXi helicopters to be sold to Classic Air Medical. The aircraft are scheduled for delivery in 2022 and will provide air medical transport in Arizona, Utah, Colorado, Idaho, New Mexico and Wyoming.

“For more than 30 years, Classic Air Medical and its team have provided critical aerial response and care to the Southwestern territory,” said Jay Ortiz, vice president, Commercial Business, Americas, Bell Textron. “We are proud that, like many other Air Medical Service operators around the world, Classic Air Medical continues to put its trust in the Bell 407GXi’s performance and readiness and in our commitment to support this industry.”

Classic Air Medical currently operates a mixed fleet of rotorcraft and fixed-wing modern aircraft, with capabilities including advanced avionics and night vision goggles.

“We’re excited to add five new Bell 407s to our existing fleet,” said Tony Henderson, CEO, Classic Air Medical. “Bell has always been our number one choice due to the reliability of the aircraft and Bell’s outstanding customer service.”


Bell supports more than 1,600 Bell 407s globally, logging six million flight hours across the fleet and actively performing flight training as well as military and para-public missions.


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