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DART Aerospace now accepting preorders for Bell 505 Bearpaws

October 18, 2017  By DART Aerospace

DART Aerospace, a world-leading producer and manufacturer of helicopter equipment, is nearing certification of the Bell 505 Bearpaws and is now accepting pre-orders.

For as long as helicopters have been in operation, soft terrain landings have created balancing problems during takeoff and landings. DART Aerospace Bearpaws are constructed of a high density polymer; this polymer resists cracking, chipping and breaking. The one-piece machined construction ensures consistent and deliberate load transfer. This flexible material deflects under high-point contact loads when landing on rocks or roots; its inherent memory ensures the Bearpaws return to their original shape upon take off.

“The 505 Bearpaw is similar in design and construction to our other Bearpaw models – it connects to the back of the skidtube in order to keep the helicopter tail up and off the ground and support the aircraft in soft surface terrain. We are excited to be supplying this Bearpaw for a new aircraft such as the Bell 505, especially as operators begin using this model in the utility market,” states Harvey Siemens, director of engineering in Calgary.

With more than 54 different Bearpaws approved on 37 separate STCs, DART’s Bell 505 Bearpaw should receive a Transport Canada certification that is expected by calendar year end, with other regulatory approvals following shortly.

Customers who pre-order will receive an additional discount on their order of Bearpaws.



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