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DART H145 emergency float system gets FAA, EASA approvals

August 3, 2017  By DART

DART Aerospace has received FAA and EASA approvals for the redesigned H145 emergency float system. Now certified for Sea State 6, the float system boasts longer maintenance intervals, weight savings and is compatible with OEM fixed provisions.

DART offers an exclusive patented float design with integrated liferafts. The safety benefits of this system architecture compared to in-cabin rafts include:

• Improved access to the liferaft in emergency situations

• Faster liferaft deployment following a water landing

Nearly 10 years ago, the National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB) conducted a study on several helicopter accidents in which the aircraft crashed or ditched into the Gulf of Mexico. Safety recommendations done by the NTSB to the FAA covered the two benefits above when equipping rotorcraft with externally mounted liferafts.


Additional features and benefits of the H145 Emergency Float System include:

· Inspections at 18 months intervals (instead of 12)

· Field replaceable valves

· Two externally mounted integrated liferafts

· Improved stability due to Tri-bag float design

·  45 per cent lighter than other external liferaft options achieved by eliminating the container or valise

Available variants of this system include: automatic inflation, LH or RH hoist compatibility, skid extensions, valve covers and float system without integrated liferaft.

DART designs and manufactures its own inflatables that offer weight savings, longer maintenance intervals and patented integrated liferafts. This company is your one-stop shop for flotation systems, landing gear, specialty equipment, tools and GSE for all major OEM’s.


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