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DART Helicopter Services announces EASA approval of their 3 Point / 4 Point Shoulder Harness Kits

November 20, 2007  By Corrie

integrated_photoNov. 21, 2007 - DART Aerospace Ltd. has received EASA approval of their 3 Point Inertia Reel Shoulder Harness Kits and their 4 Point Shoulder Harness Kits for Certain Bell models.

Nov. 21, 2007 – DART Helicopter Services has announced that their affiliated partner, DART Aerospace Ltd., has received EASA approval of their 3 Point Inertia Reel Shoulder Harness Kits and their 4 Point Shoulder Harness Kits for the Bell 205A/A1, 205B, 212, 214B/B1, 412/412EP model aircraft.  

These kits have been previously approved by both Transport Canada and the FAA. 

integrated_photoDART’S 3-Point Shoulder Harness Kits with Inertia Reels are available in two different styles. The Integrated Kit (shoulder harness joined to lap belt) has been specifically designed for rappel operations and has a single point quick release mechanism, while the Independent Kit (shoulder harness separates from lap belt) incorporates a distinctive large metal to metal push button release mechanism.
DART’S latest 4-Point Shoulder Harness Kit provides left and right shoulder straps as well as a replacement lap belt that features a secure 4 point metal to metal lever-style buckle arrangement for all passenger seating positions.

Additional Features of these Dart Shoulder Harness Kits:
¸ Easy to Install
¸ Adjustable
¸ Quick Release
¸ Lap belts are installed using existing OEM lap belt rings
¸ Grommets/Tooling provided for modifying the Thermal Blankets
¸ Harnesses meet the requirements of TSO-C114


“DART has worked closely with the US Forest Service and other customers to develop and certify a series of restraint systems that are TSO-C114 certified and speak to customer’s operation and maintenance requirements,” commented Bill Beckett, General Manager of DART Aerospace Ltd.

DART Helicopter Services LLC (www.darthelicopterservices.com), is a privately held Sales, Marketing and Manufacturing company whose primary focus is developing innovative STC’d products and creating sales networks for aerospace manufacturers who are looking to benefit from DART’s global marketing network and sales channel.  DART is the logical choice for rotary wing operators who are seeking a supplier with a comprehensive product line and superior customer support. DART’S subsidiary and affiliated companies own over 400 STC’s and manufacture over 500 products.  With its highly trained and knowledgeable North American and International sales team, DART Helicopter Services distributes more than 1300 aftermarket products to over 120 countries. For further information, please call N. American Sales 1 (800) 556 4166 or 1 (613) 632 3336 or  Int’l Sales 1 (246) 420 7282 sales@darthelicopterservices.com


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