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DART introduces new landing gear concept

June 16, 2011  By Carey Fredericks

June 16, 2011, Oceanside, Ca. - DART is pleased to announce Transport Canada, FAA, EASA and Brazilian ANAC approval of their New Mid Height Crosstubes for the Bell 206L model of aircraft.

Mid Height Crosstubes are ideal for EMS operations.  The lowered height and absence of the full-length step allows medics to safely and easily unload and load patients, reducing incidence of back injuries.  Mid Height crosstubes may be installed as part of a fully approved Mid Height Landing Gear which includes the light weight skidtubes.  The lighter weight skidtubes and absence of full length steps translate into a 27 pound weight savings compared with traditional high landing gear.

DART Mid Height Landing Gear includes lower crosstubes that have been designed for safety, durability and compatibility with both DART Round-I-Beam™ and OEM Skidtubes and are easily installed using a thru bolt system rather than anchor nuts.  DART Crosstubes are manufactured by means of an environmentally-friendly turning process and utilize clamp-on stainless steel supports to avoid rivet holes in high stress regions of the crosstube.  DART Skidtubes use Round-I-Beam™ technology; a combination of the conventional round tube with the strength of the I-Beam.  The central web of the I-Beam absorbs most of the landing impact so the tube maintains its integrity.  The CNC machined saddles use a cross bolt installation and lock into a key on the skidtubes to further distribute load.  DART also now offers short lightweight steps options for installation with the Mid Height Crosstubes.

Product Benefit Include:
•       30 lb weight saving by installation of Mid Height Crosstubes, combined with lightweight Skidtubes, and removal of full length steps
•       Mid Height Crosstubes are 5” lower than high gear crosstubes
•       Mid Height Crosstubes are ideal for EMS operations.  Lowered height and absence of a full-length step allows the medics to more easily load and unload patients, reducing the incidence of back injuries
•       Thru-bolt installation with DART Round-I-Beam™ Skidtube
•       Clamp-on stainless steel supports
•       Painted white, ready to install

“DART worked closely with Air Evac Lifeteam to develop an innovative solution that has addressed both the weight concerns inherent in the aircraft and the injury concerns inherent in the task of loading patients into an aircraft.  The dramatically lower landing gear weight, however, is a feature with far reaching applicability in the industry,”  said Bill Beckett, VP of Canadian Operations.



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