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Dart’s Crosstubes for the AS 350 | AS 355

May 5, 2009  By Administrator

landingearMay 5, 2009 – Dart Helicopter Services has announced that their affiliated partner, Dart Aerospace Ltd. has received Brazilian approval of their Crosstubes for the Eurocopter AS 350 | AS 355.


May 5, 2009 – Dart Helicopter Services announces that their affiliated partner, Dart Aerospace Ltd. has received Brazilian approval of their Crosstubes for the Eurocopter AS 350/ AS 355. FAA, Transport Canada and EASA approvals have been previously received.

Helicopter pilots count on Dart crosstubes for safety, durability, and compatibility.  Dart currently offers approved replacement high gear crosstubes for Eurocopter AS 350/355 model helicopters, and has submitted the ANAC application to also certify the Dart Round-I-Beam Skidtube in Brazil.  Dart Heli-Access-Steps have held ANAC approval since 1999.

The Dart crosstubes are economically priced and are offered as a stock item which can often be shipped within 24 hours to any destination in the world.

Dart crosstubes are compatible with both Dart Round-I-BeamTM and OEM skidtubes and are easily installed using split bolt-on saddles.  The split saddle design also reduces maintenance costs because each saddle may be independently replaced.


Dart crosstubes utilize clamp-on stainless steel supports to avoid  holes in high stress regions.  Dart crosstubes are not life-limited; they have been engineered to be replaced on-condition according to max spread criteria.  Furthermore, Dart crosstubes are cadmium plated during manufacture to provide excellent corrosion resistance.

"Dart currently holds 14 Brazilian approvals for various product and we intend to increase that number over 2009 so that helicopter operators in Brazil can take advantage of the quality and durability offered by Dart products." Quote Bill Beckett, General Manager Dart Aerospace Ltd.

Reasons to choose Dart Crosstubes:

  • Thru-Bolt Installation
  • Clamp-on stainless steel supports
  • Painted white, ready to install
  • Replace "On Condition"
  • Split Bolt-On Saddles
  • Cad plated for excellent corrosion resistance

Dart Helicopter Services LLC PO Box 430, Piney Flats, TN 37686 http://www.darthelicopterservices.com/, is a privately held Sales, Marketing and Manufacturing Company whose primary focus is developing innovative STC'd products and creating sales networks for aerospace manufacturers who are looking to benefit from DART's global marketing network and sales channel.  Dart is the logical choice for rotary wing operators who are seeking a supplier with a comprehensive product line and superior customer support. Dart's subsidiary and affiliated companies own over 450 STC's and manufacture over 500 products.  With its highly trained and knowledgeable North American and International sales team, Dart Helicopter Services distributes more than 2,500 aftermarket products to over 120 countries worldwide. For further information, please call our Sales Office at 1 (800) 556 4166 or 1 (613) 632 3336 or by e-mail at sales@darths.com


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