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DART’s Replacement Glareshield for the Bell 212, 412, 412CF, 412EP

April 7, 2009  By Administrator

glareshieldApril 7, 2009 – Dart Helicopter Services has announced that their affiliated partner DART Aerospace Ltd., has received FAA approval of their Glareshield for the Bell 212, 412, 412CF, 412EP series of helicopters.  Transport Canada approval was received September 2008.  EASA approval is pending.


DART's Glareshield shades the instrument panel for improved viewing and is constructed of quality engineered, UV resistant, durable aerospace grade thermoformed alloy that maintains its integrity when subjected to extremes of heat and cold.  The DART Glareshield is designed to support glareshield mounted instrumentation.

DART's Glareshield is pre-painted matte black and has a simple installation which includes aluminum doublers that install permanently and allow the Glareshield to be quickly removed for replacement or to ease work behind the instrument panel.

The DART Glareshield is a more durable product that can be installed in approximately the same time as similar products.  Once installed, however, the DART Glareshield allows the operator access to the instrument panel in only minutes without the costly and time consuming need to remove the entire glareshield installation.

DART Strives to maintain a stock level of the Glareshield, thereby offering operators a reasonably priced product solution with little or no lead times.


"Having a DART Glareshield installed will translate ultimately in maintenance cost savings and reduced down time by allowing not only for easy replacement but also by improving access to the instruments for maintenance." Quote Bill Beckett, General Manager of DART Aerospace Ltd.
DART Helicopter Services LLC PO Box 430, Piney Flats, TN 37686 http://www.darthelicopterservices.com, is a privately held Sales, Marketing and Manufacturing Company whose primary focus is developing innovative STC'd products and creating sales networks for aerospace manufacturers who are looking to benefit from DART's global marketing network and sales channel.  DART is the logical choice for rotary wing operators who are seeking a supplier with a comprehensive product line and superior customer support. DART'S subsidiary and affiliated companies own over 450 STC's and manufacture over 500 products. 

With its highly trained and knowledgeable North American and International sales team, DART Helicopter Services distributes more than 2,500 aftermarket products to over 120 countries worldwide. For further information, please call our Sales Office at 1 (800) 556 4166 or 1 (613) 632 3336 sales@darthelicopterservices.com


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