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DDC issued Canadian Transportation Agency Licence

July 29, 2021  By Helicopters Staff

Drone Delivery Canada Corp. becomes the first publicly traded drone delivery company to be granted a domestic cargo licence under the Canada Transportation Act (CTA) and Air Transport Regulations. Drone Delivery Canada (DDC) explains the licence, which is mandatory for an air carrier to provide scheduled commercial air services in Canada, is a critical step in its continued expansion plans.

With the granting of the CTA licence, DDC explains it continues its progress toward routine and scalable cargo delivery operations; allowing the company to develop new drone delivery use cases and potentially epxand ongoing operations, such as those recently announced for Edmonton International Airport and Fraser Lake, British Columbia.

“The granting of our CTA licence is a key milestone for us,” said Michael Zahra, President and CEO, Drone Delivery Canada. “As a leader in the drone delivery industry, DDC continues to ensure regulatory compliance while at the same time providing critical services to our clients. We are pleased with our continued successful progress on regulations, technology and customer revenue projects as we build our scalable commercial capabilities.”



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