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DND settles in transmission line damage incident

September 5, 2012  By CBC News

Sept. 5, 2012, Yellowknife, N.W.T. - The Department of National Defence has agreed to pay $1.83 million to the Northwest Territories Power Corporation for damages resulting from a Canadian Forces helicopter cutting a power line near Yellowknife in February.

The incident occurred during Exercise Arctic Ram, when a Griffon helicopter practising low flying surveillance struck a transmission line from the Snare hydroelectric system. The helicopter landed safely, but the damage cut power to the Yellowknife area.

The claim submitted by the power
corporation covered the costs of repairing three transmission lines and
of providing the communities with backup diesel-generated electricity for 10 days after the incident.

"This is good news for NTPC and its customers, our objective was to
recover the full costs," said Bob Kelly, a representative for the

"DND was very helpful and co-operative throughout. They showed us the
process that needed to be followed to submit the claim and assured us
that it would be forwarded through the proper channels at DND. And three
months later, less than three months actually, we have a settlement."


Back in April, the power corporation said it was submitting a claim for $2.4 million.

But Kelly said they did an internal review and lowered the claim. He said the military is paying the full amount.


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