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Higher power Dynali H3 engine

December 5, 2018  By Helicopters Staff

The Dynali Helicopter Company has introduced a higher-powered engine configuration featuring the newest engine control unit (ECU) from MoTeC.

The mapping of the new ECU has been designed by Dynali and MoTeC specialists exclusively for use in helicopters. (Photo: Dynali)

Dynali introduced its ultralight H3 Easyflyer prototype in 2012. The Belgian company has since delivered 81 of these machines, reaching markets like the United States, China and New Zealand. The company recently extended its manufacturing facilities in Belgium to enable production to be increased to four or five units per month.

Leveraging the injection system designed on the 110 horsepower H3, Dynali is now offering a more powerful version which makes full use of the multi-function capacity of the latest MoTeC M150 ECU.

The new ECU, as adapted by Dynali, offers what the company describes as a range of features, including: electronically controlled clutch, integrated governor, ignition and idle management and full sequential ignition to improve precision and fuel economy.  

The mapping of this ECU has been designed by Dynali and MoTeC specialists exclusively for use in helicopters. It provides for visual and audio alarms, integrated GPS and what Dynali describes as an optimized power curve. Other features include a dual, fully redundant 250 and 500W electrical circuit and sensors, as well as a PDM to provide protection of components in fail-safe mode.


To coincide with this ECU advance for the H3, Dynali is launching a new version of the Rotax 912 engine block with enlarged cylinders, which delivers 125 HP. The company explains, that while the 110 HP of the current model is more than adequate for flight conditions within the MTOW of 500 kg, extra power makes the new model a more forgiving machine.


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