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Osprey 'black box' from fatal Japan crash that killed 8 recovered

Flight data recorder from CV-22B Osprey that crashed off the coast of Japan in late November recovered with data intact.

Investigation launched into Osprey program

Congressional oversight committee launches investigation into the V-22 Osprey program after latest deadly crash.

Helicopter crashes into a canal near Miami

Emergency workers in South Florida rescue two, including one who later died, after helicopter crash.

B.C. government fined $710K for unsafe wildfire mitigation work

Inspectors say they found unsafe wildfire mitigation practices at a site in the province's northeast.

Ethnic armed group battling Myanmar's military claims to have shot down helicopter

Army helicopter was believed to be on a resupply mission in a combat zone in Kachin on Wednesday.

Pratt & Whitney Canada launches PT6T-3/6 Twinpac engine overhaul program

Program developed for military customers flying Bell 212 and Bell 412 helicopters with PT6T engines.

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Basic Helicopter Aerodynamics, Third Edition

This introductory level treatment to the aerodynamics of helicopter flight will appeal to aircraft design engineers and undergraduate and graduate students, as well as practising engineers looking for an introduction to or refresher course on the subject. New material is included on blade tip design, flow characteristics surrounding the rotor in forward flight, tail rotors, brown-out, blade sailing and shipborne operations. » Order your copy now!

A look back at the 2023 wildfire season in Jasper area

Reviewing major events of Jasper National Park’s 2023 wildfire season which recorded 15 wildfires including the largest Corral Creek Wildfire about 20 km northeast of the town. » 

Salisbury becomes Board Director with Blackcomb Helicopters

Nick Salisbury becomes a Board Director for Blackcomb Helicopters' group of companies, representing the first new director appointment since McLean Group ownership started. » 

Uganda's military says an attack helicopter crashed into a house

Helicopter crashed into a house on Tuesday, killing both crew members and a civilian in the building. » 

Canadians 'overly comfortable' as global security shifts

Commander of the Canadian Joint Operations Command discusses safety as the world changes. » 

US Navy helicopters fire at Yemen's Houthi rebels

Military opens fire on Houthi rebels after they attack a cargo ship in the Red Sea. » 

Successful evacuation from burning Japan Airlines jet highlights devotion to safety

Crash on Tokyo runway reflects a dogged dedication to safety and training by airline. » 

A jet’s carbon composite fibre fuselage burned on a Tokyo runway. Is the material safe?

Renewed concerns about the challenges of putting out fires involving carbon composite fibres. » 

Environmental assessment to go ahead for new airport in Nain

An environmental assessment is the next step for a planned new airport in Labrador. » 


Transformative Vertical Flight 2024

February 6-8, 2024
Location: Santa Clara, CA


February 26–29, 2024
Location: Anaheim, CA

RotorTech UK

June 13-15, 2024
Location: Northamptonshire, UK