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Fixed-price defence deals drag down CAE's profits — and share price

Flight simulator maker saw quarterly profits fall nearly 30 per cent year-over-year even while revenues rose.

FAA approves Robinson empennage design for R44 helicopters

Robinson Helicopter earns FAA approval for a new empennage design for its R44 aircraft.

Transwest receives FAA approval for Vertical Reference Mission Equipment

Transwest Helicopters’ Medium Vertical Reference Doors approved by the FAA for range of Bell models.

Marine Corps confirms the worst: All 5 troops killed in California helicopter crash

CH-53E Super Stallion carrying five Marines crashed during a storm in the mountains outside San Diego.

MD Helicopters expands service and parts network

Service network expands with Clemens Aviation of Wichita and Seaside Helicopters of Mesa.

Helicopter Express adds HUMS with Foresight MX

Helicopter Express completes its first installation of GPMS Foresight MX on a new Bell 429.


TSB releases report, recommendations based on deadly 2021 helicopter crash in Nunavut

TSB releases a report on the fatal 2021 crash of an Airbus AS350 on Griffith Island, Nunavut, issuing four recommendations to reduce risks that persist in commercial helicopter operations. » 

Better equipment among Maui police recommendations after Lahaina wildfire

Nearly six months after a wildfire destroyed the historic town of Lahaina, the Maui Police Department said Monday it is working on improving its response to future tragedies, including by obtaining better equipment. » 

Nigeria mourns a major bank CEO killed in California helicopter crash

Nigerian leaders Sunday mourned the death of the CEO of one of the country's largest banks. » 

CCC, Safran win contract to repair U.S. Navy V-22 Osprey landing gear

Repairs will be conducted by CCC’s supplier Safran Electronics headquartered in Peterborough. » 

Canadian women grabbed 12% of all pilot licences issued in 2023, iWOAW says

Not-for-profit think tank focused on gender diversity outlines statistics published by Transport Canada. » 

Contract rules disregarded in costly development of ArriveCan app

Auditor general points to failure of management, "glaring disregard" for policies, controls and transparency. » 

Blenheim firm showcases ag-based drone capabilities

The use of drones in agriculture is taking flight with Blenheim-area based Drone Spray Canada. » 

Why Canada needs to dramatically update how it prepares for and manages emergencies

A look at over-stressed systems that continue to be underfunded by provincial and federal governments. » 



February 26–29, 2024
Location: Anaheim, CA

Careers in Aviation Expo

May 4, 2024
Location: Porter Airlines, Ottawa, ON

5th annual Canadian Wildfire Conference

October 17, 2024
Location: KF Aerospace Centre for Excellence, Kelowna, BC

2024 Helicopter Association of Canada Exhibition and Conference

October 30 – November 1, 2024
Location: Vancouver, BC