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Elbit Systems to showcase new tactical mission solutions

May 4, 2016  By Elbit Systems

Elbit Systems of America will showcase its enhanced weapon targeting and total aircrew situational awareness solutions at the Naval Helicopter Association Symposium in Norfolk, VA, at the Sheraton Norfolk Waterside on May 10-12.

Elbit Systems of America will highlight its Color Helmet Display and Tracking System (HDTS). The HDTS’ unique line-of-sight tracking supports a human-machine interface which is revolutionizing how aviators operate. Naval pilots can link to the aircraft through an integrated mapping system via the Advanced Signal Data Computer. Through the line-of-sight tracking, the HDTS color symbology provides the pilots and crew improved situational awareness that can lead to increased mission effectiveness.

“With our Color HDTS, pilots effectively become part of the navigational system of the aircraft allowing aircrews to receive real-time situational awareness data synchronized with pilot’s head movement.” commented Kelly Dameron, senior vice president of Airborne Solutions, Elbit Systems of America. “As a leader in helmet display and tracking technology, we are committed to provide advanced solutions to meet aircrews’ requirements. Pilots and aircrews will now know exactly where the target is, improving reaction time.”

The magnetic tracking system on the pilot’s helmet allows the pilot to spatially relate to the aircraft and the outside world. Combined with an advanced targeting solution, the HDTS improves mission effectiveness by allowing pilots to put the weapon on the target faster and with more accuracy. With the ability to slew weapons or optical payloads to the pilot’s line-of-sight, this unique technology improves crew coordination and first round hit probability.

“In addition to enhanced weapon targeting, the HDTS can include applications such as Degraded Visual Environment, Blue Force Tracking, and wireframe mapping solutions. Each solution is visible on the pilot’s eyepiece allowing them to remain heads up and eyes out,” continued Dameron.


Elbit Systems of America’s Degraded Visual Environment solution provides improved situational awareness to Navy pilots by using intuitive 3D conformal symbology that reduces spatial disorientation and enables operation while providing relative motion cues. This unique symbology provides accurate navigational information for degraded environments such as brownout operations, heavy fog, or other extreme environment situations in a clear, easy to understand manner, allowing pilots to respond quickly to surrounding conditions.


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