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Erickson builds Alaskan presence with new deals

June 12, 2015  By Erickson

Erickson Incorporated has secured two ket contacts in Alaska.

The first contract with Repsol will provide crew and cargo transport to the North Slope of Alaska.This agreement will guarantee the use of medium lift aircraft to support Repsol’s oil and gas operations and provide emergency response services, if needed.This contract extends Erickson’s global partnership with Repsol, as they also conduct business together in South America.

The second deal with the U.S. Department of Transportation will continue to provide weekly, year-round helicopter service to people and cargo between Nome, Wales and Little Diomede, Alaska for one year. The community of Little Diomede is located in the Arctic Circle near the International Date Line, along the shore of a steep mountain in theBering Sea. The Essential Air Service is often the only lifeline the community has with the Mainland, especially during inclement weather, when traveling by boat or fixed wing aircraft is impossible. Erickson has been providing airlift services to the community of Little Diomede for more than 50 years, and is committed to continue this essential support.

Jeff Roberts, CEO and President of Erickson stated, “Our Company’s presence in Alaska has spanned more than five decades and continues to be an important part of our operations. Our focus on safety, serving in remote locations and striving for operational efficiency under often challenging conditions makes these partnerships a good fit.”



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