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Erickson certified as Bell Helicopter maintenance centre

November 18, 2015  By Erickson

Erickson Incorporated has announced its new certification as a Bell Helicopter Certified Maintenance Center (CMC). The agreement officially adds Erickson to Bell Helicopter’s customer support network and authorizes Erickson to perform aircraft refurbishment and Maintenance, Repair and Overhaul (MRO) of the Bell 214B and the Bell 214ST helicopters at all Erickson locations.

“The certification of Erickson Incorporated as a Bell Helicopter Maintenance Center, along with the certification of our airframe fixtures, enhances Erickson’s ability to support the Bell 214 community and highlights the strength of our relationship with Bell Helicopter,” said Vice President of Manufacturing and MRO, Kerry Jarandson.

Erickson has been awarded numerous MRO purchase orders for work on the Bell 214 including critical case and dynamic part repairs, dynamic component overhauls and major fuselage repairs. Bell Helicopter certified the Bell 214ST tail boom and the Bell 214B fuselage fixtures produced by Erickson in September of this year. These enhanced capabilities enable Erickson to provide maximum value to Bell 214 operators.

Erickson’s first Bell 214 airframe refurbishment in the newly certified fixture was a major fuselage repair for McDermott Aviation. John McDermott, of the largest privately owned and operated Heli-Aviation Company in Australia, said, “We are pleased to see the hard work and ingenuity Erickson is putting into this program. Their creativity drives needed change and supports the operators while keeping the Bell 214 a viable platform in the rotorcraft community.”

Erickson has recently received parts manufacturing approval (PMA) for Bell 214 parts from the Federal Aviation Administration. Under the agreement announced on February 9, 2015 between Bell Helicopter and Erickson, Erickson is licensed to use Bell Helicopter’s design data to produce functionally identical parts under PMA authority. Erickson owns and operates 12 Bell 214ST helicopters within its own fleet.



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