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Erickson earns FAA certification of S-64F, CH-54B composite main rotor blades

December 10, 2020  By Helicopters Staff

New certification provides blade interchangeability with the E/A models. (Photo: Erickson)

Erickson Inc. received final FAA certification for the composite main rotor blades on the S-64F and CH-54B utility helicopters.

Earlier this year, Erickson announced FAA approval of the S-64E model. This recent achievement for the S-64F and CH-54B solidifies FAA certification for the entire fleet of S-64 Air Crane E & F models, as well as the CH-54 Skycrane A & B models.

“It was quite difficult, but extremely satisfying to see this project through to completion,” said Billy Johnson, Chief Engineer at Erickson. “There are a lot of blood sweat and tears in those blades.”

Erickson points to the key advantages provided by the certification as including: Performance gains; fuel savings; reduced vibration, meaning reduced wear and fatigue on the entire aircraft; and blade interchangeability with the E/A models. The company also notes that the advanced design of the blades provides a significant performance advantage at hot-and-high conditions.



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