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Erickson highlights active fleet contracts

August 30, 2017  By Erickson Inc.

Erickson Incorporated, a leading global aerial firefighting company for more than 30 years, owns the world’s largest S-64 Aircrane fleet, and the Aircrane Helitanker is recognized throughout the industry as one of the most effective and efficient firefighting aircraft in the world.

Northern Hemisphere fires are experiencing above average conditions, and what follows is an outline of Erickson’s current jobs. In late fall, the Aircranes are mobilized to the Southern Hemisphere to fight fires south of the equator.

Andy Mills, interim CEO and president said, “We have an outstanding reputation for having some of the best pilots and maintenance crews in firefighting. When property is at risk and a wildfire is out of control, we are called in to help control the situation.”  Erickson’s Aircranes have 2,650 gallon hydrotanks and a sea snorkel that helps provide outstanding capabilities for fire authorities in both initial attack of fast moving fires and advanced structure protection.

North America
British Columbia: Erickson currently has multiple Aircrane Helitankers assisting fire authorities across British Columbia as they battle several large-scale fires that have consumed vast forested areas and released smoke visible all along the West Coast of North America.

California: Erickson currently has one Aircrane under contract with Los Angeles County, one Aircrane with Los Angeles City, one with San Diego Gas and Electric, and one under contract with CalFire in Santa Rosa, CA for initial attack and rapid response to the extreme fire conditions across California.  Additional Aircranes are available to the U.S. Forest Service for western U.S. wildfires.


Greece: Erickson currently has three Aircrane Helitankers under contract to provide fire protection throughout Greece and are based in the cities of Tatoi, Elefsina and Andravida, Greece.

Turkey: Erickson currently has one Aircrane under contract in Istanbul, Turkey for year-around fire protection and emergency services response for natural disasters. Erickson has worked with the Turkish authorities for more than three years.

The National Aerial Firefighting Centre (NAFC) has extended a contract with Erickson for 2017-2018, through Australian partner Kestrel Aviation, for six S-64 Aircrane helicopters to support firefighting efforts across the country. It’s expected that Erickson will provide services beginning in early October, which is the start of fire season in that part of the southern hemisphere. Earlier this year, six Aircranes fought fires in Victoria, New South Wales and Western Australia.


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