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Erickson S-64 F Aircrane to the rescue in Nunavut

May 13, 2015  By Erickson

Erickson was contracted by the Government of Nunavut and Qulliq Energy Corporation to transport generators to Pangnirtung, Nunavut, to restore power after a fire extensively damaged the community’s power plant.

The community of Pangnirtung is located on Baffin Island in the territory of Nunavut, one of the most remote and sparsely settled regions in the world. The accident occurred in April, during the winter season, when average temperatures are just above zero degrees Fahrenheit, necessitating urgent intervention. The agreement enlisted one S-64 F Aircrane to air lift emergency power generators 160 miles from the Iqaluit International Airport to the airport in Pangnirtung. The generators are essential in fully restoring power to the community, and will be used to warm homes, illuminate stores and businesses, and keep the airport operational.

Jeff Roberts, CEO and President of Erickson said, “This job was a great illustration of what Erickson does so well.  We were able to respond immediately to the emergency situation because the Company has a fleet and crews conducting work around the globe and we were able to quickly deploy and sustain service in a remarkably remote location.”

From the time the request was finalized, the aircraft and crew were uplifted via cargo transport within 48 hours.The work took place in mid-April and was completed within several days. The precision capability of the Aircrane, combined with the skill and experience of pilots and project managers, enables Erickson to safely and reliably provide rapid air lift services to remote locations in emergency situations.




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