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AeroLED STC for Part 27 rotorcraft

January 20, 2021  By Helicopters Staff

AeroLEDs, LLC announced FAA approval of an STC covering the installation of the SunSpot 36 and 46 Series LEDs on nearly all “Normal” category rotorcraft – more than 200 Part 27 makes and models.

AeroLEDs explains its landing, taxi and recognition lighting products offer numerous advantages over Halogen, Xenon, and other LED lighting technologies. AeroLEDs are 10x more efficient, according to the company, draw less current than incandescent lighting, and require no external hi-voltage power supply.

The SunSpot Series Landing and Taxi lights feature the same design and construction approach of AeroLEDs for over 15 years, focusing on less drag, less draw, more lumens output (total light output). The company describes the products as vibration and shock resistant, making them unaffected by adverse environmental conditions. These attributes make the SunSpot well suited for use in Experimental, Certified, Commercial, ARFF, and Military rotorcraft.

AeroLEDs explains its Sunspot Series LED Landing and Taxi lights can be seen from up to 30 miles away and can be left on in all phases of flight as they draw 40 per cent less power, significantly reducing the electrical load on the airplane’s battery and alternator system. They also maintain full light output at low engine RPM, which is critical for landing configuration. These LEDs do not interfere with NVG equipment, according to the company, and are available with integrated pulse for optimum visibility during extreme operating conditions, negating the need and extra weight of external pulse light boxes.


All SunSpot Series LEDs are rated for 30,000+ hour MTBF and come with a 5-year warranty.


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