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FAA approves Honeywell IntuVue RDR-7000

July 9, 2020  By Helicopters Staff

Honeywell has received a Technical Standard Order from the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) for its IntuVue RDR-7000 Weather Radar System. This both approves the design and authorizes Honeywell to produce radars for deliveries to customers. Honeywell is working to complete supplemental type certificates (STCs) for 15 different platforms to install the RDR-7000 on customer aircraft by the end of 2020.

The RDR-7000, which debuted at NBAA-BACE last fall, is the most recent addition to Honeywell’s IntuVue family of weather radar products. For over a decade, Honeywell’s IntuVue RDR-4000 weather radar gave airline pilots additional insight into storms, allowing them to see a fuller, clearer picture of weather ahead. Honeywell explains, that by installing the RDR-7000, smaller aircraft in the regional and business aviation segments, as well as commercial helicopters, can now benefit from this same technology, including the ability to detect turbulence up to 60 nautical miles ahead.

The 3D radar is fully automated, scanning from zero up to 60,000 feet, and up to 320 nautical miles in front of the aircraft. Additionally, Honeywell states it can predict windshear up to five nautical miles ahead and the presence of hail and lightning up to 160 nautical miles in front of the aircraft with up to 93 per cent accuracy.

“Larger business and passenger jets have benefitted from IntuVue for years, and soon those same capabilities will be available on many more platforms,” said Mike Ingram, vice president, Avionics, Honeywell Aerospace. “Pilots of these smaller aircraft will have the same 3D capabilities, full automation and predictive weather insights to help them make critical decisions to navigate weather ahead of and around the aircraft.”


Flight testing and production of the RDR-7000 are currently underway, and initial deliveries to customers are expected to begin in the third quarter of this year. Honeywell’s RDR-7000 is available for several aircraft models including the Dassault Falcon 900C/EX/LX, Bombardier’s Global 5000/Express, Cessna’s Citation X and several other Citation models, as well as Learjet 40 and 45 aircraft.


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