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SPAES fire-proof stowage cabinets

July 8, 2021  By Naomi Szeben

Image courtesy of SPAES

SPAES has designed, manufactured and certified six stowage cabinets for the stowage of pilot and crew baggage.

The stowage boxes offer quick stowage of luggage and equipment such as pilot helmets, headphones or approach maps.

The fire-proof metal stowage cabinet has a volume of 60 liters and it is easily accessible with a quick opener. The rotatable mounting feet allows the installation in lateral and longitudinal direction along the seat rails. Optionally, additional luggage or the UVC – ultraviolet circulation air disinfection system – can be mounted on the top side. The system is available for Airbus H145 and H135 helicopters.

For design and certification, a Minor Change was carried out in coordination with the customer in the Part 21J Design Organisation of SPAES. The six units were manufactured in-house. After completion of the stowage cabinets, they were delivered to the customer and fitted into the respective Airbus H145 helicopter on site.




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