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Flight Management Systems’ “Lock and Forget” technology

March 24, 2010, Calgary - Flight Management Systems has announced the introduction of “Lock and Forget” Technology for the FMS series of Moving Maps used in Law Enforcement Aviation.

March 24, 2010
By Carey Fredericks

“This technology is a highly accurate, non-military, targeting system" says Greg Taylor, President of FMS. “The crew workload is significantly reduced with the ability of the mapping system to keep a target on the screen without operator input”.

The "Lock and Forget" Technology accuracy is coupled with the ability
of the FMS Moving Map to control the SX-16 and the Trakka Searchlights
as well, effectively performing the function of a search light slaving

These enhancements build on Flight Management Systems global reputation of quality and innovation, directed by customer needs. With over 10 years in an active Law Enforcement unit, 5 years in EMS and 37 total years in Aviation, we have the “real life” experience needed to understand your requirements.

Standard features of the FMS Moving Maps include; Fire Fighting ,
Airborne Data Collection, and Search and Rescue grids. The FMS Moving
Maps installed on a standard computer at base, at no charge, for
training, mission debrief and playback/ planning purposes.


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