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Flight Management Systems’ “Lock and Forget” technology

March 24, 2010  By Carey Fredericks

March 24, 2010, Calgary - Flight Management Systems has announced the introduction of “Lock and Forget” Technology for the FMS series of Moving Maps used in Law Enforcement Aviation.

“This technology is a highly accurate, non-military, targeting system" says Greg Taylor, President of FMS. “The crew workload is significantly reduced with the ability of the mapping system to keep a target on the screen without operator input”.

The "Lock and Forget" Technology accuracy is coupled with the ability
of the FMS Moving Map to control the SX-16 and the Trakka Searchlights
as well, effectively performing the function of a search light slaving

These enhancements build on Flight Management Systems global reputation of quality and innovation, directed by customer needs. With over 10 years in an active Law Enforcement unit, 5 years in EMS and 37 total years in Aviation, we have the “real life” experience needed to understand your requirements.

Standard features of the FMS Moving Maps include; Fire Fighting ,
Airborne Data Collection, and Search and Rescue grids. The FMS Moving
Maps installed on a standard computer at base, at no charge, for
training, mission debrief and playback/ planning purposes.



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